Georri Windfist

Earthen, Saltbraid, Specialist, Broadened Education

General: ||

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
10 11 11 12 12 8 0


  • Move Speed: DB = 5m
  • Resistance (Ingestation) An Earthen may reroll failed checks against the harmful ingestion of substances.
  • Heightened Senses: +2 (Touch)
  • Dwarven Vision: Heightened Senses +2 (Sight) in Pitch Darkness. Also +2 when using sight to in regards to special magical radiation or normal radiation.
  • Earthen Encumbrance Halve the encumbrance penalties.
  • Dwarven Gullet eat soil with a Con check to avoid taking fatigue for not eating.
  • Long Beard/Braid Braid length adds to renown with other dwarves.
  • Altitude Aware: Always knows approximate height or depth.

Awareness, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Kath'Eladri, Kath'Syveri), Dodge, Gamble, Magewright, Mercantile, Sailing (Aerial), Nature (Alpine), Weapon Smithing, Weapon Training (Simple, Crossbows, Concussive, Light Blades)


Backpack, Rope and Grapple, Harness, Wintercloak, Magewright's Book, Smith's Tools.

MQ Naval Sabre (curvesword) [+2 SB Slashing DR: 3 HP: 6] 1
MQ Black Iron Cutlass (hacksword) [+0 SB+2 Slashing, Offhand Dr: 4 HP: 5] 1
Repeating Crossbow 40 Quarrels [25m 6 Piercing, Two Handed, Multiple Shot (10), Reload (2) AP (1) DR 3 HP 8] 4

MQ Leather Shirt
MQ Leather Leggings
MQ Brigandine

Head: 0
Body: 0
Arms: 0
Legs: 0


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

Pirate Captain Marr (Renown 4 - Slaving Coast) Human, Nautical, Champion

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