Dren Vythantos

Interrogator Minoris Dren Vythantos

Noble Born, Scum, Agent of Reliquary 26, Interrogator

Dashing, Ruthless, Lustful, Metropolitan.

Tarot: "Truth is subjective"

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 42'' 26 30 48'' 41'' 31 40'' 50''


Experience: 6600/6600 [Rank 6]
Wounds: 11/11
Insanity: 38 (Unsettled)
Corruption: 17
Fortune: 2
Fate: 2

BASIC- Barter, Carouse, Climb, Contortionist, Disguise, Evaluate, Gamble, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Swim

TRAINED- Blather, Charm, Command, Common Lore (Imperium, Underworld), Concealment, Forbidden Lore (Heresy, Daemonology), Inquiry, Literacy, Medicae, Silent Move, Search, Security, Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Secret Tongue (Acolyte)

+10: Dodge, Deceive

+20: Awareness(EA),

Talents and Traits:
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Basic Weapon Training (SP, Las), Pistol Weapon Training (SP, Bolt(EA)), Peer (Nobility, Mercantile, Underworld, Workers), Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing), Ambidextrous, Light Sleeper, Quick Draw, Hard Target, Sprint, Rapid Reaction, Leap Up, Catfall, Deadeye Shot, Sharpshooter(EA), Marksman(EA), Iron Discipline, Air of Authority, Paranoia

  • Etiquette: +10 charm, deceive, scrutiny vs. nobles in formal situations
  • Vendetta: II
  • Bionic Left Foot.
  • Unsettled: +10 to resist Shock.
  • Into the Breach: While in a party with at least other members with this talent, all Daemonic Fear counts as one degree lower.
  • Jaded

Equipment 26.15/27

Inquisitorial Prestige:

Remaining Earned
1 56
  • Auspex (Party Use) [1]
  • Inferno Shells [9]
  • Sanctified Bolt Shells [9]
  • Bolt Shells [9]
  • Inquisitional Servo Skull - Utility [6]
  • GQ Alcher Mark IV [3]
  • Synskin [18]

- 'Lost Little Sister' (BQ Long Las) w/ ultraviolet modulated sight
(150m; D10+4; Energy; Pen 1; S/-/-; Clip Depends on Charge Pack; Reload Full; Accurate, Never Jams, (+15, +35, +45) (5kg)
- 'The Vengeance of Barbaros' (BQ Bolt Pistol) w/ ultraviolet modulated laser sight and fire selector
(30m; D10+6; Explosive; Pen 4; S/2/-; Clip 8; Reload Full; Tearing, Reliable (SA-+5; SS +15,+25, +35)) (4.5kg)
- 'Usurper's Grace' (BQ Khayer-Addin Forge 'Fate Bringer' Long Pistol)
(40m; S/-/-; D10+4; Pen 2; Clip 5; Reload 2 Full; Accurate, Reliable, +15, +35, +45) (1.5kg) w/red dot sight bullshit
- 'Raven Blade' (Special BQ Mono Knife) (3m; D5+3; Rending; Pen 2; (+10 to hit)) (0.5kg)
- Xenomesh: 4 [Arms, Body, Legs] (2kg)
- Mesh Cow: 3 [Head] (0.5kg)
- Synskin +2 [All] [+10 to Concealment + Silent move, Immune to Darksight and Infrared] (2kg)
- Recoil Gloves (0.5kg)
- Stummer (2kg)
- Data Slate (0.5kg)
- Respirator (0.5kg)
- Clip drop harness (2kg)
- Drens Goggle's: GQ Pict corder, Holo Visor, Magnoculars and Photovisor (0.5kg)
- Refractor field (1-30, 1-10 overloads) (2kg)
- Multikey, Microbead, Outdoor gear, Aquila Sigil, Lamark's Aquila (Charm), Rosette Minorus
- 2x Las Packs ,(.8kg),, (40 shots)
- 15 manstoppers (3 clips) (.3)
- 8x Bolts, (.35kg) 8x Sanctified Bolts, (.35kg) 8x Inferno Shells, (.35kg)
- 36 thrones

  • 1x Inquisitional Servo Skull - Utility
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
15 0 10 20 30 15 35 20 -

Movement: - (See Below)
Wounds: 4
Skills: Awareness +20, Dodge, Stealth +10
Talents and Traits: Fearless.

  • Dark Sight
  • Flyer (6)
  • Machine 2
  • Size (Puny)
  • Programmed Instinct
  • Commands
  • Pistol Training (bolt) [3 prestige]

Equipment: Inbuilt vox, cogitator, Multitool - Carrying Capacity (8.55/9kgs)
- 16 Inferno bolts (2 clips) (.7)
- 16 Sanctified bolts (2 clips) (.7)
- 16 bolts (2 clips) (.7)
- 7 "special ammunition" (1 clips) ,,(.35
- 40 manstoppers x8 (.8)
- 3x Hot Shot Las Packs (+1 damage, +4 pen, 1 shot each, Tearing but lose Reliable trait) (1.2kg)
- Grapnel (2kg)


  • Born to a middling Scinitillan mercantile noble house
  • Father boresome, obsessed with his responsibilities, didn't look much to taking care of his children, mother died whilst dren was young.
  • Dren only has older sisters, as such with the absence of his father he took to disguising himself as a commoner and descending to the lower hives.
  • Fell in with gangers, and for several years developed the skills and talents required to survive in the underhives whilst always being able to return to the nobles district.
  • It was on one such outing that he met Inquisitor Ravenscar, and was co-opted into the Inquisitors' service as a scout.
  • Inquisitor Ravenscar then practically blackmailed Dren into accompanying him offworld, before Dren took a liking to the the Inquisitorial service, shortly before his first mission on space station Leondras turned out to be a bloodbath.
  • Dren's nigh flight into the service means that several feuds and vendettas follow him, including the assassins of the father of one Irene Drell, constant letters from his father urging for his return, occasional death threats and road blocks from his sisters to insure he stays away from returning lest he steal their inheritance as well the machinations of trade cartels and the market, which effect his finances, as they come from several trade portfolio's and space-lane investments that hinge on trade. His family have little knowledge of Dren's private funds invested as they are from his allowances, and they allow him to operate in near isolation from the Vythantos family accounts.

Personal Holdings

Dren's Apartment

  • Upper Hive Tarsus penthouse.
  • Paid for by slush fund for next 2 years.
  • 'Irene' Mounted on wall with a plaque, taken from Balgorr Thrungg (Ornate BQ Mono Sword) (D10+1; Rending; Pen 2; Balanced (+10 to hit/+10 to parry)) (3kg)
  • GQ Alcher Mk IV w/ a silencer (60m s/-/10 D10+3 pen (0/3) +5 to hit) (4kg) (Prestige, w/ a clip of Manstoppers (40 shots) .35kg)

Fortified Manor

  • Ruined?
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