Riordan Malachi

Human Historian
Quickling, Academic, Specialist

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
11 11 10 15 13 11

4, 4, 3, 6, 5, 4

Experience: 9 [General], 1 [Ride], 1 [Hardened], 1 [Survival], 2 [History- Pre-Imperial], 1 [Arcana- Supernology]- Spent [100]
Taint: 2
Renown: 0

Skills and Abilities:
Linguistics (Aeslic, Low Sylvan, Imperial Dwarven, Lyssian, Abyssal), History, Literacy, Religion, War, Heal, Arcana, Defense.
+1: History (Antiquity), Arcana (Supernology)
+2: History (Pre-Imperial)

  • WS (Simple, Swords)
  • Mnemonic Memory, Eidetic Memory

Equipment: 11/11

  • MQ Clothing (+1 to charm/command)
  • MQ Sylvarite Arming Sword (+2 to hit; SB+1 Slash/Pierce; AP 1; DR 12 HP 3) Weight 1
  • "Blood Ward's Blade" Sylvarite Longsword (+2 to hit, +3 to parry, additional +1 two-handed; SB+1 Slash, SB Pierce; AP 1; DR 11, HP 4; Versatile, Ignores Daemonic Resist) Weight 2
  • MQ Satchel [6/6] Weight 1
    • Quill and Ink
    • ‘Flynn the Heretic’ by Gaulish Hammerborn
    • ‘Proud and Strong: Mestria before the Sylvan corruption’ by Leos the Wanderer
    • ‘Noted Summonings Throughout History’ author redacted
    • 'A Guide to the Sylvan Tongue for Beginners'
    • Document Case
        • [Map of Lower Vael, Map of Upper Vael, Map of Vael, Biomancy Scroll, 5 sheets of parchment]
  • MQ Backpack [11/11] Weight 1
    • Crossbow w/ 19 quarrels
    • MQ Winter Cloak
    • Bedroll
    • Waterskin
    • First Aid Kit
    • 4x Iron Rations
  • MQ Gorgonite Helmet (H- 2E 4PBS) Weight 1, Gorgonite Scale Armour (BA- 2E 3P 4B 5S) Weight 3, Gorgonite Scale Kilt (L- 2E 4P 5BS) Weight 2
  • MQ Cold Iron Amulet (+2 to resist magic)
  • MQ Potion Bandoleer [2x Alchemists Instant Poison, 1x Holy Water, 1x Alchemists Fire, 1x Unknown Acid] Weight 1

Magic Items:

  • “Key of the Librarians”: Unlock any locked tome or book or book cabinet without fail. Alternatively when used to lock a book or tome it forever seals that tome until another Key of the Librarians is used to open it, or a 7D6 Open Lock spell is successfully cast. 10 uses.

Head: 2B 3PE 4S
Body: 3EBP 5S
Arms: 3EBP 5S
Legs: 3EBP 5S

3 Platinum Dragons
7 Golden Drakes
14 Silver Swords
1 Copper Slaves



  • Astrymancy:
    • Locate Creature: Cantrip
      • Whilst concentrating you can detect the direction of a creature you are familiar with (friend, party member, contact, relative, pet) as long as they are within your Charisma bonus of miles from you.
    • Perceive Interference: Cantrip
      • Whilst concentrating you can perceive if extra dimensional magic (scrying, true sight, infernal possession etc, divine magic, other normally undetectable magic) is effecting you or someone or something within your charisma bonus of metres.
  • Byomancy:
    • Animal Charm: Cantrip
      • When cast on an animal it will socialise it towards you, it will be friendly toward you, and won’t fear you or attack you.
  • Technomancy:
    • Comprehender: Cantrip
      • Whilst you concentrate your magic automatically cracks ciphers and codes for you. Whilst you concentrate you may make a Literacy check each minute. When you succeed you have cracked a code or cypher.

The contradiction at the heart of the clergy of Rhannior is a coexistent hatred of mages and the arcane and a reverence of knowledge. It is such that within the vast libraries of their islands sit bunker-like sealed sections, with age old books gathering dust behind cold iron bars. Within is cordoned any knowledge that is deemed hurtful to the mind or soul, primarily dealing with the arcane and mystical. Certain students at the academic colleges of the isles are selected for apparent strength of will to be the guardians of these ancient tomes and artefacts. No mere librarians these scholars are required to study the forbidden texts and be able to answer any questions on the topics contained should the need arise, to allow lesser minds to forgo the temptation within their pages. Riordan was one such guardian, taught to wield a sword and locked in a forbidden library for days on end he read much about the ancient days before man and the terrors of misusing magical energy. Often mage-hunters or confessors would come to him on advice on forbidden topics and he would answer their questions diligently, having remembered every word he read.

After a brief dalliance in his youth with travel throughout Mestria, Riordan settled down to his studies and the position he had been chosen for, throwing himself into it with zeal and enthusiasm. He had a spotless record and was noted by many to have an unusually good knowledge of forbidden texts. It is odd then that 6 months after being discharged from his post he should happen upon the Brightslayers, gathering speed on their quest to summon a foul daemon into the mortal realm. He would join their quest for reasons unknown to any but himself but with a goal undoubtedly to preserve and properly catalogue any knowledge he came across on his adventures.

Followers and Mounts

Haephestus: Light Warhorse

Str: 12 Dex: 15 Con: 12 Int: 3 Per: 10 Cha: 3
Traits: Size (Large), Quadruped, Herbivore, Speed (9m / DB+2),
Natural Weapons: (Hoof x 2 SB Bludgeoning, Bite: SB-2 Slashing)
Abilities: Endurance, Terrain Familiarity (Temperate Forests), Hardened
Skills: Athletics (Running +1), Awareness, Survival

  • Saddle
  • Saddlebags (with 30 rations)

Lysa van Hart:


Quickling, Devout, Specialist
Str: 10
Dex: 11
Con: 10
Int: 12
Per: 11
Cha: 12

  • Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Local Dialect), Religion, Charm, History, Literacy, Heal, Nobility
    • +1: History (Antiquity), Religion (Hydrocults)
    • WS (Simple), Extremely Attractive
  • Gear:
    • MQ Robes (+1 charm)
    • MQ Leather Shirt, MQ Leather Leggings
    • MQ Dagger, MQ Mace, MQ Crossbow w/ 20 quarrels
  • Mounted on Wall: * "High Priestess' Sword" (+2 to hit, +3 to parry; SB+1 Slash, SB Pierce; DR 9, HP 3; Bleeding +2D3)


Exploring the Mournful Peak in Gencaroth, an ancient bone organ was played and spat out toxinous spores. The party breathed in these spores and died instantly as they infested their lungs collapsed.

Mnemonic Memory [10]
Defense [10]
Int 15 [35]
WS (Swords) [10]
History +2 (Pre-Imperial) [25]
Eidetic Memory [20]

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