Campaign Notes

The Summoning

Components collected:

  • The armour of Kyn'Draex the Reaper.
  • The daemon blade 'Vulfram the Ever-Thirst'


On Yguross


Yguross is the name attributed to the southernmost spit of Old Mestria. It is a name that can however refer to different kingdoms depending on the speaker. A quickling may use the phrase to refer to the Ygurossi human population, a series of some half dozen independent cities bound together by a ruling theologarchy and council of clerics. The Yugurossi quicklings are famous for their sharp tongues and sharper curved swords and are an insular society, trading with the outside world only when it ventures into their crested land of desert rock. They are most often seen wandering the sands of Yguross on their dromadites and although private are reasonably friendly to outsiders. Their ruling council of clerics resides within the highest point of it's capital city, Yu'gur.

Beneath the sands of Yguross is a different story entirely, with the so-called "lost kingdom" of Kel Yguroshi. It is said that a millennia ago the Earthen ruled Yguross with thirteen cities linked by cobwebbed underground tunnels, as is the Dwarven way. The thirteen cities of Yguroshi ruled peacefully as a quorum, each obligated to respect and protect the others as part of an ancient treaty. It is through this peace that the Yguroshi Dwarves built their underground kingdom, ignorant of the nomadic human tribes leagues above them. The exact details of the fall of Yguroshi are lost to history but legend has it the prince of the city of Kel Yguroshi became unhappy with the quorum, wishing to rule alone with ultimate authority. It is whispered that in order to do this he summoned a dark and powerful force and offered to pay any price to be Yguroshi's first king. The cities of the kingdom fell one by one into darkness as Kel Yguroshi's power rose. Eventually only Kel Yguroshi remained, it's sister cities fallen or forgotten in a decade of misfortune and death.

The skyward entrance of Kel Yguroshi, the Dwarven keep

Modern Kel Yguroshi is a shadow of it's former glory. In many ways it represents a typically Earthen city, with focus on smithing and merchantile ventures increasing it's already substantial wealth. It's ruling family since the fall of the rest of the Kingdom are Deurgar, or daemonborn, and when the nation marches to war their fearsome animalistic horns can be seen leading from the front with unnatural vigour. Kel Yguroshi has a dislike for mages, blaming them for the fall of the other cities, with the notable exception of sanctioned Infyromancers that convene with the beings upon which the local religion is based. The few Earthen who dwell above the surface live solitary tribal lives, scavenging the lost mines and holds of the old kingdom for supplies to build their squat sturdy keeps. They coexist with both the humans above and other Earthen below, even trading supplies with them in the long summers of Yuguross. The old ways beneath the earth are largely left alone, except for patrols from Kel Yguroshi. The human inhabitants avoid them all together while the skyward Earthen avoid only the ancient lost cities, due in part to a perceived cursing of these locations.

It is a harsh and barren area that breeds hardy folk, little caring for outsiders or the troubles of the larger world.

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