Glorandal "Grit" Darkmoon

Sylvan Gyomancer
Sylvan, Arcanist, Prodigy

Mordimari noble, lord of Scourstone Manse
Honourary professor of Gyomancy at the Alkai mages conglomerate

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 11 10 13 10 14

5, 3, 3, 4, 3, 4

Move: 6m
Taint: 1
Experience: 14 [General], 2 [Awareness], 4 [Intimidate], 3 [Cold Hearted], 6 [Charm +1], 4 [Cryomancy+2], 3 [Concentration], 10 [Literacy +1- Typography], 16 [Gyomancy+4], 2 [Kynomancy], 5 [Nature], 2 [Magewright +1- Artificery] - Spent: 50 General
Renown: 7

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Draconic), Literacy, Arcana, History, Nobility, Magewright, Charm, Intuitive Arcana, Spellcraft (Gyomancy +3, Cryomancy +1), Weapons Training (Simple).

  • Elven Trance: 4 Hours sleep per day, counts as Light Sleeper.
  • Sanguinal Creature: Extremely Attractive +1
  • Graceful Movement: +1 Movement
  • Sylvan Senses: +1 (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Magesense)
  • Silent One's Blessing: Golden sun tattoo on back. Grants the knowledge of the Disintegrate Spell.


  • Cantrips:
    • Gormyrs Orientation (Gyomancy)
    • Surveyor's Blessing (Gyomancy)
    • Structural Transmutation (Gyomancy)
    • Levitation(Kynemancy)
    • Perceive Interference (Astrymancy)
    • Animal Charm (Byomancy)
  • Spells (Gyomancy):
    • Alter Gravity
      • Casting Roll: 4d6
      • Component: Tiny gravimetric crystal worth 2 swords (consumed) OR Unique tiny graviton engine worth 5 drakes (not consumed)
      • In an blast area with diameter equal to your ChaB, placed within your Charisma of meters, gravity is altered. All objects in that area when the spell goes off instantly have the direction of gravity changed for them. The wizard determines the direction of their new acceleration, and this occurs for as long as she concentrates. No new targets are however effected for the duration of the spell. Targets may attempt to dodge being caught in the spell in which case they need to overcome the wizards DoS to cast. In a target’s turn they may attempt to break out of the gravity with a full action, making an opposed Defence (Willpower) Strength check opposed to the Wizards DoS on Concentration.
    • Disintegrate:
      • 4d6
      • Component: Single broken statuette from an ancient empire, worth 3 swords (consumed)
      • Makes one creature or object disintegrate into dust on touch. They make an opposed Defence (Willpower) Constitution check to resist. Their items are also disintegrated regardless if they survive, but magic equipment gets a saving throw.
    • Petrify
      • Casting Roll: 4d6
      • Component: A basilisks eye or cockatrice’s feather worth 2 swords (consumed).
      • Target is a creature within your Charisma of meters.They make an opposed Defence (Willpower) Constitution check to resist, if failed they are turned to stone. Gear also turned to stone.
    • Vortex
      • Casting Roll: 4d6
      • Component: vial of aethyrsmoke, realised into the air worth 1 sword (consumed)
      • Creates a miniature whirlwind for as long as the caster concentrates. The whirlwind is placed within the perception of the caster, and has a diameter of the casters Charisma bonus and a height of 3 x the casters Cha Bonus. The caster can move the whirlwind a speed equal to the casters Charisma bonus each turn. If a creature comes into contact with the whirlwind the have to succeed on a Defence (Mobility) Dexterity or Strength check against the casters Spellcraft check (to cast or concentration) or be sucked into the whirlwind. Once caught in the whirlwind they lose their actions for the turn. In subsequent turns they may make an action to make a Acrobatics (Flying) Strength Check opposed to the casters Concentration check to escape the whirlwind, being placed on a random edge of the vortex at a random height (1d6 x Cha bonus of caster in metres up the vortex, reduced by 1m for each of their each DoS). Whilst in the whirlwind for each other medium object or creature creatures take D6 bludgeoning damage per turn, at the beginning of their turn. The vortex need not stay on the ground, but it does not pick up anymore objects or creatures if it is not on the ground. If the whirlwind stops then each object exits at a random height. The difficulty of maintaining the whirlwind is increased by +1dd for each medium equivalent object in the whirlwind over the casters Charisma bonus.
    • Time Stop
      • Casting Roll: 5d6
      • Component: A single chrono that becomes broken after the spell
      • The caster may act freely equivalent of their Charisma bonus in actions. After this they must check Charisma or take 1 point of Taint for their temporal shift.
  • Spells (Cryomancy):
    • Mancer's Grace
      • Casting Roll: 3d6
      • Component: vial of everfrost worth 2 swords (consumed)
      • Freezes a willing creature for CHA bonus of days. They are helpless, but do not die or get injured until they defrost. Stops blood loss and poison until they are defrosted. Any magical spells that effect the mind or body are halted and continue their effect when defrosted. An unwilling creature may be frozen but they may resist, rolling a CON check – the casters CHA bonus, with a single bonus dice.
    • Frostbrand
      • Casting Roll: 3d6
      • Component: a somatic weapon or a sapphire ring (not consumed)
      • Frost and condensation plumes from the weapon effected, either the wizard's or another creatures weapon nearby. For the wizard's CHA bonus in rounds the weapon deals an additional hit of cold damage equal to the wizard’s CHA bonus modified by the same DOS as the original attack. This may be used to augment the wizard's hands.

Equipment: 13/10
-MQ Somatic Quarterstaff (+1 to Hit; Dam 3 Bludgeoning; DR 11, HP 1; Two Handed; Reach(2); Simple; Summoning) Weight 2

-MQ Clothing [Prince's]
-MQ Mage's Robes +1 to casting Gyomancy Weight 1
-MQ Ironwood Splintmail Hauberk [BA (3EB 4P 6S) L (2EB 3P 5S)] 5
-MQ Ironwood Coif and Helm [H (2E 3B 4P 5S) [+1 Charm/Command]] Weight 1
-MQ Winter Cloak
-Force Amulet (+2 Armour)
-Snowflake Amulet (+1 Cryomancy)
-2x Ring of Telepathy
-Dark Vision Goggles

-Satchel [Magewright's Book, Quill and Ink, First Aid Kit (5 uses - Desecrated), Document Case (Partially Complete Timewarp Thesis [340/600], Writ of Nobility (Glorandal Darkmoon), Writ of Nobility (Mordimar), Bank Cheque Book), 5x Sheets of Parchment] Weight 1
-Backpack [MQ Clothes, Waterskin, 4x Rations, 4x Rations],, Weight 1,
-Backpack [10x Rations] ,,Weight 1

-Bank ID Signet Ring (Bank of Krevad)0
-Guild Signet Ring0
-House Volkmar Signet Ring0
-Silver & Emerald Ring0

  • Components:
    • Mages Robes:
      • 10 capacity
    • Components Pouch:
      • 30 capacity
    • Tattoos:
      • MQ Graviton Engine

-3x Vial of Aethyrsmoke0
-4x Vial of Everfrost0
-3x Basilisk eye0
-1x Dragons eye [MQ- Petrify]0
-Golden Chrono [MQ] 0
-3x Tiny Statuettes (Disintergrate)

Head: 2E 3B 4P 5S
Body: 3EB 4P 6S
Arms: 3EB 4P 6S
Legs: 2EB 3P 5S

3 Platinum Dragons
4 Golden Drakes
3 Silver Swords
1 Copper Slaves

Misc Info:
Associate member of the Chysmanic Mage's Guild
Forged Akienent noble
Bank deposit with the Bank of Krevad


He takes no happiness in what he does.

Raised in an sylvan orphanage he was quickly discovered for his manipulation of the physical substance of things by the headmistress. He was subsequently quietly adopted by the local duke for training to raise him as the son he and his wife were unable to conceive. He was trained at the finest school of magecraft, where it was discovered his true magical gift lied in the realm of gyomancy. He quickly absorbed all the knowledge the local school could offer him, but was still not sated for his deep desire to outsmart all of his arrogant nobleborn class mates.

Upon graduating at the top of his class, he decided to find a true gyomancer master in which to train with. After many years of travelling Glorandal found this master in Besonrah an elven gyomancer serving in the military on the Dalmestri front. Both formal and informal training quickly followed with Besonrah teaching Glorandal the most efficient ways in which to kill a single man as well as how to quickly deal with a group of enemies. The training was tough and occurred on many a battlefront of which the local human lords did not expect a freshly graduated sylvan noble to be able to withstand. Quickly he was noticed for his true bravery and stoicism by the humans he served along side with. Through their struggle and inability to pronounce his name he acquired his human nickname of Grit.

His master taught him well though, and Glorandal was as always quick to learn. However his apprenticeship ended all too quickly when his master was struck down in front of him by a berserking barbarian. Glorandal was too busy to prevent the death of his master, due to his channeling of another spell to prevent the death of his entire unit, and as such took the blame for the death of his master himself. For months he obsessed over the events of that day, removing himself from all social interaction with the rest of his unit. Continuously he though to himself; "If only I had more time, I could have done everything, saved the unit, and saved my master'. This has since led to his compulsion to find a way to permanently bend time to his command. He seeks this goal at any cost.



Vaelessi barbarian chieftain, captured by the Kel Yguroshi slavers and stripped of his name and pride through years of service.

Sylvan, Barbarian, Champion
Str: 13
Dex: 12
Con: 11
Int: 9
Per: 11
Cha: 8

  • Linguistics (Vael Low Elven Dialect), Intimidate, War, Defense, Ride, Athletics, Survival, War, Awareness
    • +1: Defense (WP), Intimidate
    • WS (Simple, Swords, Thrown, Bows), Hardened, Unshakeable
  • Gear:
    • Curved Versatile Sword (+2, SB+1 Slash)
    • MQ Light Curved Sword
    • Seeking +2 Longbow (+3; 350m; SB+2 Pierce; AP 1; DR 7, HP 3; Two-Handed, Reload [Move]) w/ 5 AP arrows
    • Banded Gorgonite Helmet (H- 2E 4P 5SB), Banded Gorgonite Cuirass (B- 3E 5P 6SB, A- 3E 4P 5SB), Banded Gorgonite Greave (L- 3E 4P 5SB)
    • PQ Winter Cloak, Backpack [10x rations], 5 Javelins
  • Resist (Includes Con)
    • H: 8E 9P 10SB
    • B: 8E 10P 11SB
    • A: 8E 9P 10SB
    • L: 8E 9P 10SB


Gyomancy +3 [40 Drakes]
Charisma +1 [35 Drakes]
Cryomancy [4 cryo exp, 11 gen exp]
Charm [15 gen exp]

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