Party Assets

Party Resources

  • 1 Platinum, 12 Drakes, 22 Swords, 15 Slaves party slush.

Stored in an Fellsnow's Ironshadow Vault in Kel Yguross :

  • Cold Iron chest w/ Daemonmail
  • Adamantium Breastplate
  • Bodric's Swordblade
  • Misc Loot:
    • 10x Vials of Powdered Dragon Bone
    • -'Silver Skull Necklace' (+1 to Necrymancy Rolls)

The Summoning

Components collected:

  • The armour of Kyn'Draex the Reaper.
  • The daemon blade 'Vulfram the Ever-Thirst'
  • Corpse of a high priestess of the Living God

Political Ties


  • The Prince of Thorns, Thredos Fellblood, Second Heir to the Living Crown of the Vael
    • Neutral, but whilst not actively opposed, is nominally opposed to Living Church, The Prince of Blood and the Prince of Blossoms (who has currently eloped anyway).
    • His offer includes:
      • An Audience with the High Dragon
      • Fiduciary backing (unspecified)
      • Access to the Ensanguine Guild's library.
      • Access to the Ensanguine Guild.
      • Loan of a Sky-Frigate, and demi-company of Vaelish Skyguard.
      • Other assistance and personal (unspecified)

The Geas of Thorns
The Prince of Thorns is bound to:

  • Provide Aid to the Seven Summoners Thus Bound
  • Not work against or betray the Seven Summoners Thus Bound
  • Be subject to the Wasting should He break this Geas.

The Seven Summoners are thus bound to:

  • Not work against or betray The Prince of Thorns Thus Bound
  • Provide for inclusion of The Prince of Thorns Thus Bound in the Seventh Summoning of the Lord of Murder
  • A Summoner shall be subject to The Wasting should one break this Geas.

Offers of Allegiance and Assistance:

  • Tremople Mages Guild Alliance
    • [Stated Neutrality, but actively opposed to Yugur High Council]
  • Mancer's Consortium of Eltosh
    • [Stated Neutrality]
  • Archon Gaur of Volachia
    • [Allegiances and Purposes Unknown]
  • Sylvan Defiance of Sviofalva
    • [Opposed to the Vargo-Barionia]
  • The Sylvanates
    • [Allegiances and Purposes Unknown, assumedly Neutral to the Vael, Lithmarn, Ustria, Mordimar but opposed to Vargo-Baronia]
  • The Krevoshi Dynasty of Krevhrad
    • [Stated Neutrality]
  • The Basimagister of the Mageocracy of Lithmarn
    • [Assumed Neutral]

Pending Known Offers

  • The Prince of Eltosh
  • The High Council of Tremople

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