Human, Nobility, Cleric

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
8 9 8 8 12 12

1, 2, 1, 1, 5, 4

Move: 4m
Taint: 5
Experience: 6 [General], 4 [Arcana +1 Magesense] - Spent: 75 General
Renown: 1

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Vargar, Lyssian), Nobility, Literacy, Charm, Ride, War, Defence, Weapon Skill (Simple, Swords), Religion, Heal, Awareness, Arcana.
+1: WT (Crossbows), History (Pre-Imperial), Arcana (Supernology)

  • Pure Faith
  • Quickling
  • Socially Mobile
  • Accurate Shot

Equipment: 10/8
- ‘Baeltooth’ (+2 to Hit; SB+1 Slash/Pierce; DR 12, HP 5; Versatile, Cold and Silver) Weight 2
- MQ Repeating Crossbow (-1 Dam; Clip 5) w/ 20 quarrels Weight 3
- MQ Shortsword (+1; SB Slash/Pierce)
- MQ Leather Shirt, MQ Leather Leggings, MQ Leather Cap, MQ Open Sallet, Steel Greaves Weight 2
- MQ Mail Shirt Weight 2
- MQ Holy Icon of Viella
- MQ Clothes, Defiled Signet Ring of Noble house, MQ Winter Cloak, Backpack [Waterskin, 6 days rations, Diary of Jan Eisen, Aldus' notebook, 5 Blank Parchment] Weight 1

Face: 0
Skull: 2 +1vSlash
Body: 2 +2vSlash +1vPierce
Arms: 2 +2vSlash +1vPierce
Legs: 3 +1vSlash

Spent: 0

0 Platinum Dragons
3 Golden Drakes
2 Silver Swords
5 Copper Slaves

Clerical Abilities:

  • Divine Favour: 1
  • Miracles: Reincarnation (5)

Aldus was the youngest bastard son of a powerful lord in northwest Vargar. He was brought up alongside the lords children but was never truly one of them. Sickly and lacking talent in most areas he was a natural outcast, a situation not helped by his fathers routine beatings. To escape the brutality of his father and his knights Aldus would play in the dark forests of his realm, often staying for hours in the dark places of this unchartered wilderness. It was on such a journey that Aldus came upon the book, the ground beneath him collapsing as he fell into the ruined mine. The temple had long since been out of commission, primarily burned and sacked during the crusades some millennia earlier. Only one treasure remained; a chronotically sealed tome ignored by the ignorant raiders over the centuries.

The book was ancient but nondescript, a simple diary from the time before the Elven reclamation or the forming of the Blood kingdoms. Aldus would read it in his hours alone and soon became completely engrossed in the strange little text. It told the story of a noble boy in ancient Vargar and his adventures with a band of strange and enthralling characters. Throwing off his fathers influence the boy had been driven out of his familial home and went on the run. Stories of dragons, daemons and even a civil war kept the young Aldus interested in the tome, whilst the subtext of coming of age and rejecting the current societal norms appealed to the young outcast Aldus. Eventually Aldus began to idiolise the man in the text and became obsessed with him. Over many years he came to view the character as his spiritual successor and his way out of the horror of his life. Unable to resist his father as his hero did Aldus instead escaped, taking all his possessions and riding many leagues south to the Sylvanades.

Here he spent the last of his money to enrol in a Sylvan monastery that preached the teachings of the all-flesh, the modern version of the cult of his hero in ancient Vargar. Here Aldus learnt the ways of the all-flesh, although his matrons showed irritation at his obsession with the ancient religion and in particular with one ancient and obscure warrior-priest of little note. But Aldus' interested could not be halted and he found all and any information he could about his hero, using his journal to track his path through the ancient history of Vargar.

Hearing rumours that the journal of his hero's most trusted servant had been found near the city of Bralla, Aldus once again set out in search of information about his obsession, his eyes firmly fixed on the ancient All-Flesh ritual of reincarnation.


Mauled to death by dragonlings after the party happened upon the den of a grand dragon in Yguross.

Crossbows +1 (15 Drakes)
Awareness (10 Drakes)
Accurate Shot (10 Drakes)
Arcana (10 Drakes)
History +1 (15 Drakes)
Arcana +1 (15 Drakes)

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