Koch Fort

Tarot: "Name"- Effect.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Infl
40 53 36 35 50 33 42 30 30 31

Insanity: 1
Corruption: 0 (Fine)
Fate/Fortune: 1

Trained- Acrobatics, Decieve, Evade, Observe, Intimidate, Investigate, Navigate, Stealth, Survival

Talents and Traits:

  • Jaded
  • Defense:
    • Evasive: +1DoS on Evade Checks
  • General:
    • Weapon Training: Chain, Solid Projectile
    • Overwatch
  • Background Bonus: Count Characteristics as 1 higher for determining fatigue.
  • Role Bonus: Manœuvre, Utility move 1 AP successful hit to move target Ag bonus in meters

Equipment Carrying Capacity: ?/20kg

  • Autopistol (Light; 60m; RoF: 2; D10 DAM; Impact; Clip [18]; Reload [3AP]; Close quarters) w/ 3 clips.
  • 2x One Use Injector (1 dose obscura, 1 dose fungus)
  • Brontian Longknife [GQ Knife] (Light; RoA:AB-1; +5 to hit; D10-2 DAM; Rending)
  • Hunting Rifle (Basic; 300m; RoF:1/2; D10+8 DAM; Impact; Clip [3]; Reload [3AP]; Accurate [aim +15], Silent [4]) w/ 3 clips
  • Pair of broken magnoculars, serve as regular binoculars
  • Hive Leathers (H-2, B-3, L-2)

Character Creation:
Homeworld: Hive World (Bront)
Background: Outcast
Role: Assassin


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