The Ignato Task Force

When evidence came to the fore implicating Arch-Cardinal Ignato's heretical behaviour a unique situation arose. The previous investigators, the Ordo Malleus, now needed to deal with the Ordo Hereticus on potentially implicating one of the Ecclesiarchy's own. Greater still was the threat of this 'Maledictor's Hand', an organisation buried deep within the Ecclesiarchy. It was such that the first Malleus-Hereticus task force was created. The aim was to merge the contacts and investigation of the Ordo Hereticus with the muscle and knowledge of Daemons contained within the Ordo Malleus.

Acolyte Cells:

  • Ferrum: Investigating Ignato in Hive Tarsus. Details Withheld.
  • Magnus: Investigating possible Maledictor's Hand cell on Barsapine.
  • Solaris: Deep Cover
  • Archon: Investigating Possible Daemonic cult with ties to Ignato on Bael II.


Drake Ravenscar: Ordo Malleus
An Imperial Guardsman who eventually made his way into the service of the Inquisition, he was hideously wounded in the line of duty. His face and body rebuilt he leapt straight back into service, serving with distinction under Lord Inquisitor Dante Cyprus before being selected as an Inquisitor. He disappointed his old master when he joined the Malleus and has had to work unusually hard to gain approval amongst those in his chosen ordos. A minor Psyker he is known for his ruthlessness and mettle in battle.


Lady Tilus: Ordo Hereticus
Little is known of Lady Tilus Stern before she came upon a Soritas convent on Barsapine as a girl of 16. She spent the rest of her youth there, studying to be a Soritas and eventually rising to the rank of Witchfinder at the youthful age of 50 Terran years. She was renowned in this position for her specific hatred of heretics of any kind and her attention for detail in investigations. It was not uncommon for her to put entire families to death for the suspected heresies of one member, which may have been why the name 'The Ice Queen' was often used to refer to her in Inquisitorial circles. Nevertheless she leapt at the chance of purging the rotten heart out of the Ecclesiarchy when the chance came to forge the Task Force.



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