DH House Rules

Fortune Points (FP)
As well as having 'Fate' points, a character has 'Fortune' points equal to the amount of Fate they have.

  • Heal 1d5 Wounds or negate 1d5 of incoming Damage.
  • Count as having rolled a 10 for your Initiative.
  • Add a +10 bonus to any skill or characteristic test before rolling the dice. (Max Fortune used equal to Willpower Bonus)
  • Re-roll any skill or characteristic test. The result of the re-roll is final.
  • Recover from being Stunned.
  • Gain an advanced skill as basic for the use of one test.
  • No FP may be used on another action that FP point has been used. (Ex: You may not use a re-roll on a skill gained by using a FP)

Note: This amount is set from character creation, no matter how many fate points are lost or gained.

Purchasing Fortune Points
Additional Fortune Points can be bought at a cost of (Current x 400) XP each, minimum 400 XP. A character may not buy a FP if the new total would be higher than his Willpower Bonus.

Psychic Powers

  • Psychic Blade: Replace Will Power Bonus in power description with 'Psi Rating Used'.
  • Drawing on the Warp: It is obvious. You may cast with -10 to to conceal the fact that you are using a psychic ability.

Using Skills
Dark Heresy is not just an action game. Acolytes are expected not just to deal with threats, but also to fully explore the threat including motives and potential broader connections. (In other words Plan A is not always the best approach.) That said, some people are better at inquiry than others. But even the Feral World guardsman with a Fellowship of 23 can contribute.

  • Investigative things you can do without a roll:
    • Roleplay a conversation with a specific NPC who would be willing to talk to you
    • Ask a specific NPC for information that they have no apprehensions about giving. (Assuming they know anything about it at all)
    • Roleplay telling a plausible lie that the other party has no reason to disbelieve.
  • Things you can do with a roll (plus/including everything as written):
    • Inquiry - Effectively locate the right person / people to talk about a given topic, other uses listed in the book
    • Inquiry / Charm – Learn information people might be trying to conceal
    • Charm - Convince someone to help you
    • Deceive- Come up with a good lie, effectively "sell" a lie

Misc Changes:

  • Skills ganged twice during character creation stack to make Trained or +10.
  • Tech-Priests may purchase 'Trade (Armourer)' at Rank 4 for 100 points, 'Trade (Armourer) +10' at Rank 5 for 100 points and 'Trade (Armourer)' +20 at Rank 6 [Technomancer] for 200 points.

Fantasy Flight Changes:

  • Pilot (Voidship) now tested on Intelligence

Updated Equipment Rules:

Equipment Quality

  • BQ:

- Ballistic: +1 Dam, +5 to hit, gains the Reliable quality. (If it already has the Reliable quality it now cannot jam).
- Melee: +1 Dam, +10 to hit.

  • GQ: +5 to hit.
  • Unbalanced & Unwieldy: These weapons can no longer be used to make Lightning Attacks. This is on top of their existing penalties.
  • Reliable: Weapons with this quality only Jam on a roll of 00 now, regardless of what mode of fire they were using.
  • Pistol with the Accurate quality need to be held 2 handed to benefit from it.


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