Butler in the garden factory before setting some some unappreciated robots. After seeing the success of that liberation he shred his slave name and chose a new binary name #216 to go fulfil his new goal as robot liberator.


EO, Forgeworld, Bureaucrat, Sage

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
31 40 29 33 33 ''74'' 29' 36 27 42

Wounds: 13/13
Fate [Fortune]: 4 [4]
XP [Unspent]: 1100


  • Knowledge, Finesse, Tech
  • Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Ballistic Skill
  • Insanity and Corruption:
    • Unsettled: +10 to resist Fear
    • Tainted: +0 to resist Malignancies


  • Built, not Born: Machine [2]. Do not need to eat, sleep or breathe
  • Tech Chosen: Start with the 'Technical Knock' talent
  • Master of Paperwork: Count the availability of all items as one lower
  • Quest for Knowledge: Use a Fortune point to succeed on any Logic or Lore check with DoS equal to your Intelligence bonus
  • Void Sealed: Immune to the effects of the void.

Basic: Scholastic Lore (All)
Known: Awareness, Commerce, Common Lore (UEC, ONI Station, Tech), Dodge, Linguistics (Terran, Binary Cant), Logic, Scholastic Lore (Tech, Codes and Cyphers), Trade (Data-smith), Tech-Use, Forbidden Lore (Artificial Intelligence, tech) , Inquiry
+10: Awareness , Scrutiny
+30: Security, tech use


  • Bionic Sense: [Hearing] +10 to relevant tests.
  • Weapon training: Las , Plasma
  • Ambidextrous: Use both hands without the -20 penalty.
  • Technical Knock: Unjam weapons without the need to roll.
  • Peer: [Electronic Organisms, Merchants] +10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Enemy: [Nobility] -10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Constant Vigilance: Can use Int instead of Ag for initiative and roll 2 dice and pick the highest
  • Weapon tech: Once per encounter as a free action enhance a plasma weapon. This increases the weapons damage and penetration by an amount equal to my intelligence bonus [6] until the end of the round
  • Maglev Transcendence: Can hover D10 plus twice toughness bonus [3] and move his run speed as a half action. Takes no damage from falling while coils are active
  • Infused Knowledge: Counts as having all Scholastic Lore skills at Basic (-20).


  • GQ clothes
    • 1 armour [ABL]
  • Plasma Pistol w/ Custom Grip
    • (Pistol; Plasma; +5 to hit; 30m; S/2/-; D10+6; E; Pen 6; Clip [10]; Reload [3 Full]; Maximal, Overheats)
    • (12 /20 clips)
  • Combi tool (+10 to tech-use)

Memorance Transfer Chip: Transfer consciousness into complex machines.


  • Chrono
  • GQ Mind Impulse unit
    • +10 to Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry and BS tests when connected.
  • BQ Data-slate
  • Multi-key
    • +30 to physical security checks
  • Compact Las-Pistol (Pistol; Las; 15m; S/2/-; D10+1; E; Clip [15]; Reload [Full]; Variable Settings, Reliable]
  • Pic-recorder
  • Microbead
  • Enhanced EO Implants
    • Cranial Circuitry
    • Cyber Mantle
    • Electro-graft
    • Electoo Inductors
    • Potentia Coil
  • Luminen Capacitors: Power systems by touch, taking a toughness test

Resistance [6]
1 Armour + 3 Toughness + 2 Machine

5 on head

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