• Working as a mechanic-rep for House Geam to earn a living, and is part of the local underground racing gangs at night. Lives a private life, but is known to win without fail when he turns up for a race. Has an American accent and a cool, compelling demeanour, grew up working in the family garage and took over the business as his family all died off in unfortunate accidents from when he was 14.
  • To convince someone, likely to try to win them over with ice-cold cool, then is not afraid to break out the wrench.
  • If someone was trying to detain or question him, likely to ignore them and speed off in his van or on a motorbike.
  • Johnny is known to the local underworld as someone who can make 'modifications' to getaway cars, and drive his way out of any situation.
  • He fixed Feat Yungthug's ship without reporting him to the authorities, potentially under blackmail as someone knew about his 'abilities'…

Human, Frontier World, Trader Fleet, Mage

The wise learn from the deaths of those around them: +3 Intelligence

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
35 43 36 38 31 42 35 45 37 32

Wounds: 12/12
Fate [Fortune]: 2 [III]
Psy Rating: 3
Exp Remaining: 50

  • Aptitudes:
    • Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Ballistics Skill
    • Social, Defence, Knowledge


  • Seen it Before: +10 to resist fear, +20 to decipher unknown languages.
  • Rely on Yourself: +20 to apply mods to weapons, +10 to repair vehicles

Known: Common Lore (UEC, House Geam), Linguistics (Terran, Trade Cant), Scrutiny, Charm, Commerce, Operate (Surface), Trade (Tech), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Psykers)
+10: Psyniscience, Tech Use
+20: Forbidden Lore (Daemons)


  • Resistance: [Psychic Powers] +10 to tests
  • Weapon Training: Solid Projectile, Shock
  • Warp Lock: Take D5 wounds instead of causing a phenomenon.
  • Favoured by the Warp: Roll twice for phenomena and pick the one you want.
  • Peer: [Underworld] +10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Enemy: [Law Enforcement] -10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.


  • Autopistol
    • SP; 30m; S/3/6; D10+3; I; Clip [18 Manstopper]; Reload [Half]
    • [18], [18 Manstopper], [6 Manstopper])
    • ([18], [18], [18], [18] at the bar)
    • ([18], [18], [18] at garage)
  • Mesh Cloak
    • ABL- 4
  • Auspex
    • Can scan. Adds +20 to Awareness and Scrutiny tests to look for things.
  • Chrono
  • Combi Tool
    • +30 to repair
  • Psy Focus (+10)
  • Monoknife (d5 + Strength, Pen 2)
  • Hooked Metal Medallion (Psy-duller, reduces psy rating by 1 when active)
  • Slate of Arkan'lam (Unlocks FL Daemonology. +10 to FL Daemonology tests when reading but gain 1 Corruption)
  • The Diary of the Late Lord-Takama: Contains the ability to get to +30 FL (Daemons) and a summoning and daemonhost ritual for a daemon of excess.
  • Holy Symbol of the Church of Flame
    • Reduces incoming Corruption by 1. Gives +10 to resist psychic powers.

Van (Hellion Autocarriage)

Apartment and Garage in the outer ring (Garage ground floor, secure stairs to living quarters above)

Resistance [7]
4 Armour + 3 Toughness

Psychic Powers


  • Warp Perception
    • Half Action, +0 Psyniscience, Self, Sustain as Half Action
    • Gain Unnatural Senses [X] where X = 10x Psy Rating
  • Telekinetic Control
    • Half Action, +0 Psyniscience, 2x Psy Rating in metres, Sustain as Half Action
    • Move or manipulate object that weigh 2x Psy Rating in kilograms or less
  • Summoning
    • Full Action, +0 Willpower, Self, Sustain as Free Action, Concentration
    • As long as this power is sustained, +10 x Psy Rating to FL Daemonology tests made to summon daemons
  • Cursed Earth
    • Full Action, -10 Willpower, 1x Psy Rating in metres, Sustain as Free Action, Concentration
    • Select an area of ground, radius equal to psy rating. While sustained, Daemons standing within the area increase the value of their demonic trait by half psy rating and receive a bonus of +5 x psy rating to Warp Instability tests. In addition, psychic powers used within the affected area add +10 to Focus Power tests and rolls on Phenomena. Those on Cursed Earth may experience phenomena at GM discretion.
  • Incursion
    • Full Action, -10 Willpower, Self, Sustain as Free Action, Concentration
    • Gain bonus to Daemonic Mastery tests of +10 x psy rating
  • Sacrifice
    • Half Action, +10 Willpower, Self, No Sustain, Concentration
    • Power can only be used if psyker has inflicted damage on a target (including self) since the beginning of the previous round. If Focus Power test succeeds, gain +5 bonus to next Focus Power test for each point of damage inflicted (after reductions for Armour and Toughness) with the preceding attack. Bonus must be used within 1 hour.
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