Feat Yungthug
  • Background information/fluff
  • Ship name Spear of Hegemony.
  • 650 exp to spend

PEER Navy, Mercenary
ENEMY Church of Flame

Orc, Voidborn, Navy, Ace

Violence solves everything

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
36 34 37 50' 42'' 31' 34 33 35'' 36

Wounds: 12/12
Fate [Fortune]: 1 [3]

  • Aptitudes:
    • Intelligence, Agility, Willpower, Perception
    • Fieldcraft, Finesse, Tech, Psyker
  • Insanity and Corruption:
    • Unhinged: -10 to resist Fear
    • Soiled: +10 to resist Malignancies


  • Child of the Void: Ignore penalties for moving in zero gravity and gain +20 on moving in zero gravity environments.
  • Close Quarters: Gain +1 DoS on shooting attacks at Point Blank, Close Combat and Short Range.
  • Right Stuff: Use a Fortune Point to succeed on an Operate or Survival (riding) test with Agility Bonus DoS.
  • Mutant Psyker: Gain Psy Rating [1], one psychic power and Psyker aptitude.


  • Weapon Training: Solid Projectile, Shock
  • Peer: [Navy, Mercenaries] +10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Enemy: [Church of Flame] -10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Strong Minded: +10 to resist Psychic effects.
  • Hot Shot Pilot: Take 1 Fatigue to gain 1/2 Agility Bonus in DoS. This can make a failed test pass with 1 DoS.
  • Push to the Limit: Gain +20 to a single Operate test per turn but if you fail this test by 4 DoF the motive systems of the vehicle take a D5 critical.
  • Critical Strike: Add 2 to the results of critical hits with melee weapons.

Known: Common Lore (Orcs, UEC Navy), Navigate (Stellar)
+10: Acrobatics, Command, Intimidate, Navigate (Warp)
+20: Trade (Voidfarer)
+30: Operate (Flyer, Voidship)


  • Officer’s Shock Whip (+5)
  • M.I Unit (+10 to Pilot and Tech-Use tests when plugged in)
  • Flak Coat (ABL- 3)
  • Re-breather
  • Microbead
  • Bionic Arms (2 Armour; +10 to Sleight of Hand tests; D10R [Prim 8] on unarmed)
  • Eye of Agmenon: Allows Feat to navigate the warp. He cannot modify warp travel results and gains D5 insanity for doing so.


Psy Rating 1
Discipline: Biomancy


  • Half Action; +0 WP test; Range 1m
  • Remove Psy Rating in Fatigue. Can only cast this power once per 12 hours.

UEC Gun-Cutter

A massive flier used by the UEC for inter-ship boarding parties and as a personal vessel for VIPs. Stolen during the Footfall incident.

Armour 40 [Front] 35 [Side] 30 [Rear] Integrity 45
Cruising Speed 2000kph
Manoeuvrability +0 Size Massive (+30)
Crew Pilot, Co-Pilot (Optional), Tech-Priest, 2x Gun Servitors Carrying Capacity 6 Passengers

Vehicle Traits:

  • Flier:
    • Can fly.
  • Aerospace Vehicle:
    • Can enter Orbital altitude.
  • Pilot Operated Weaponry:
    • Weapons tagged as such can be fired by the pilot as part of a flying action.
  • Reinforced Hull:
    • 1/2 all critical results.
  • Passengers and Storage:
    • 6 passenger quarters:
      • Feat, Anthony and Maria, Rolim, Sergei, #216 and one empty
    • Can hold up to 30 people or equivalent cargo in the hold.


  • 2x Autocannons: Pilot Operated
    • Facing [Front]; 300m; 3D10+8; S/3/-; I; Pen 6; Clip [500]; Reload [2 Full]; Reliable
    • 1980 rounds of ammunition
  • 2x Twin Linked Heavy Bolters: Servitor Gunners
    • Facing [Front/Left] [Front/Right]; 150m; -/-/10; D10+8; X; Pen 5; Clip [400]; Reload [3 Full]; Tearing, Twin-Linked
    • 1580 rounds of ammunition
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