Feat Yungthug
  • Background information/fluff
  • Ship name Spear of Hegemony.
  • 50 exp to spend

PEER Navy, Mercenary
ENEMY Church of Flame

Orc, Voidborn, Navy, Ace

Violence solves everything

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
36 34 37 50' 42'' 31' 34 33 35'' 51

Wounds: 12/12
Fate [Fortune]: 1 [3]

  • Aptitudes:
    • Intelligence, Agility, Willpower, Perception
    • Fieldcraft, Finesse, Tech


  • Child of the Void: Ignore penalties for moving in zero gravity and gain +20 on moving in zero gravity environments.
  • Close Quarters: Gain +1 DoS on shooting attacks at Point Blank, Close Combat and Short Range.
  • Right Stuff: Use a Fortune Point to succeed on an Operate or Survival (riding) test with Agility Bonus DoS.


  • Weapon Training: Solid Projectile, Shock
  • Peer: [Navy, Mercenaries] +10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Enemy: [Church of Flame] -10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Strong Minded: +10 to resist Psychic effects.
  • Hot Shot Pilot: Take 1 Fatigue to gain 1/2 Agility Bonus in DoS. This can make a failed test pass with 1 DoS.
  • Push to the Limit: Gain +20 to a single Operate test per turn but if you fail this test by 4 DoF the motive systems of the vehicle take a D5 critical.
  • Critical Strike: Add 2 to the results of critical hits with melee weapons.

Known: Common Lore (Orcs, UEC Navy), Navigate (Stellar)
+10: Acrobatics, Command, Intimidate, Navigate (Warp)
+20: Trade (Voidfarer)
+30: Operate (Flyer, Voidship)


  • Officer’s Shock Whip (+5)
  • M.I Unit (+10 to Pilot and Tech-Use tests when plugged in)
  • Flak Coat (ABL- 3)
  • Re-breather
  • Microbead
  • Bionic Arms (2 Armour; +10 to Sleight of Hand tests; D10R [Prim 8] on unarmed)
  • Scarce Cred chip

Aquila Lander

Original a dignitaries personal shuttle this vessel was purchased by Feat in the docks of Oni Station during the UEC blockade. Disarmed and rebuilt for speed it is painted with UEC identifiers.

Armour Front [24] Side [24] Rear [20] Hull Integrity 25
Speed 2200kph Tactical 1200m
Manoeuvre +15 Size Immense [+30]
Crew Pilot, co-pilot (optional) Carrying Capacity 10

Traits: Enclosed, Environmentally Sealed, Flyer, Skimmer, Ceremite Hull
Upgrades: Enhanced Motive System (+5 Manoeuvre), UEC Identification plates (2 DoS to forge)

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