Brother Sergei

Sergei grew up on Forge World …………, he became an arms technician for Babushka's armaments, a company that he has familial ties to. The company produces weapons and basic tech mainly for use by traders and private security. There are long-standing accusations and rumours that the company has link to underworld and black market elements.

Sponsored to join the brotherhood, which he gratefully accepted, not realising the ulterior motives of the company wanting to reproduce Brotherhood tech.

Whilst at the Brotherhood he developed a interest in cybernetics and biotech and decided to study in the medical direction.

Recently he was assigned to the Navy Ship…………….., as a medical & research auxiliary. He was in charge of installing a new line of minor cybernetics for military use, and monitoring and recording data on them.
During his stay on the navy vessel, several marines were sent back to him with malfunctioning cybernetics. Eventually the reason was found out to be a certain officer's liberal application of shock whip, Sergei found this hilarious. Sergei and Young Thug became fast friends because of this, playing many hands of cards together.

Completing the outfitting and monitoring, he left the ship when it docked at Oni station to provide full data to the Brotherhood.
Since then he has been left to his own devices, mainly conducting research into cybernetics to improve the body by augmentation rather than replacement, with a side of drinking and smoking.

Appearance: Muscular, tall, Brown-eyes, close-shaven dark hair, Hairy arms and chest. Collection of small scars around lips, cheeks and eyebrows. Metal implants can be seen running from the base of the skull all the way down the spine, with a large mechadendrite unit attached midway. Geometric tattoo-like circuitry runs up the lengths of his arms. Generally wears tank-top, fatigues and boots but will wear order robes when in a formal setting.

Personality & Quirks:

  • Believes in augmentation not replacement (unless necessary)
  • Strong flesh will improve the use of cybernetics.
  • Dislikes Low-grav, makes it harder to take care of the body, lose muscle, etc. Has learnt how to pilot and navigate in space so that the time spent there is minimised.
  • Happy go lucky, takes it as it comes. Always up for a good time.
  • Very warm & friendly at first impression, but will be very cold if roused to anger by strangers.
  • If makes a friend, he is extremely loyal and tolerating to them.
  • Touchy feely
  • Appreciates people with good physique and health.
  • Enjoys Lho sticks and alcohol a lot.

Human, Forge World, Brotherhood of Iron, Medicae

Humans must die so that humanity can endure- Gain the Jaded talent

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
36 24 40 33 30 40 24 34 28 30

Wounds: 11/11
Fate [Fortune]: 3 [3]

  • Aptitudes:
    • Strength, Toughness, Intelligence, Willpower
    • Fieldcraft, Tech, Knowledge


  • Replace the Weak Flesh: -2 rarity on cybernetics
  • Dedicated Healer: When you fail a test to provide First Aid you can spend a fortune point to auto-succeed with IntB DoS

Known: Operate (Voidship), Navigate (Stellar), Common Lore (Brotherhood of Iron), Logic, Security, Tech-Use, Medicae, Trade (Technomat, Armourer)


  • Weapon Training: Las
  • Mechadendrite Use: Utility
  • Jaded: Do not need to test fear against mundane horrors.
  • Takedown: Standard attack or charge, can declare to attempt to takedown. Roll as normal, if would deal 1 damage after armour and toughness, they take no damage but must pass a Toughness test or be stunned for 1 round and knocked prone. stun attacks no longer have -20 mod
  • Weapon Tech:1x per combat add IntB to dam and pen of power, exotic, plasma, melta wep.
  • Peer: […] +10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Enemy: […] -10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.


  • Brotherhood Implants:
    • Cranial Circuitry
    • Cyber Mantle
    • Electro-graft
    • Electoo Inductors
    • Potentia Coil
  • Luminen Capacitors: Power systems by touch, taking a toughness test
  • Luminen Shock: WS Energy attack 1d10+WP, shocking, test toughness or 1 fatigue.
  • Autosanguine: Always considered Light Wounded for the sake of healing. Remove two damage per day when resting.
  • Mechadendrite: [Manipulator] +20 to Strength tests. Attack as Half action or Reaction for standard attack D10+2 Impact. Can also tether user to objects as free action.
  • Mechadendrite: [Medicae] +10 to Medicae and Interrogate, staunch bloodloss as half action, limb amp +0 Medicae, Attack as Half action or Reaction for standard attack D5 Rending (Balanced)


  • GQ Las pistol
    • Pistol; 30m; S/2/–; D10+2; E; Clip [30]; Reload [Half]; Reliable
  • Utility Servo-Drone w/ Combi-tool
  • Brotherhood robes
    • BLA- 1
  • 2 x sacred unguents
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