Anthony Banditas

"First you get the dynamite, then you get the power, then you get the women."


Banditas from an early age showed a love for explosives and would set up impressive displays for his güeys Alejandro and Maria. Alejandro was a strong leader and smooth talker - he worked his way up to sheriff on Tennoch Prime and took on Banditas as his deputy. They both loved Maria, but Alejandro made his intentions known and won her affections. However, Banditas would not give up the woman he loved so easily. He serenaded her with a beautiful canción ranchera that he performed with his mariachi güeys, something he'd been practising as part of a weekday night social club after work. Banditas originally only went to a tequila bar for cheap 2 Thrones Tuesdays and there happened to be the band practising next door. Banditas wished to try the trumpet but Pedro and Carlos had already filled those positions in the typical 8 violin, two trumpet and two guitar setup. Ricardo played the vihuela but had to resign because his wife, Josefina, took a well-paying teaching job up north in Pancherotitos because they needed the money to send their twins Fernando and José to a private school, so the position was given to Banditas.

Maria had not realised Banditas' feelings were so strong for her and after a particularly messy cheap Tuesday night they went home together. Alejandro had not heard from his wife well past when she was meant to return and went to check with Banditas in case he knew where she was. He caught them in the act, exclaiming "¡No mames!" upon seeing them doing the dirty. Banditas bolted as quick as he could to the nearest ship. He knew there was no way he could stay on the planet, though one day he'd be back for Maria.

Human, Frontier World, Law Enforcement, Desperado

There is no substitute for zeal: Clues from the crowd - can re-roll when gathering information from large crowds.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
29 '59'' 32 33 46''' 32 45 36 33 44

Remaining Exp: 0

Wounds: 9/9
Fate [Fortune]: 2 [3]

  • Aptitudes:
    • Offence, Defence, Finesse
    • Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship
  • Insanity and Corruption:
    • Unsettled: +10 to resist Fear
    • Tainted: +0 to resist Malignancies


  • Rely on Yourself: +20 to applying mods to weapons. +10 to repairing vehicles.
  • Face of the Law: May re-roll any failed Interrogation or Intimidation checks and passed tests get WP in DoS (unless original DoS was higher).
  • Desperado: Move and shoot. Once per round after performing a move action, you may take a free single attack action with a pistol weapon you have equipped.

Known: Charm, Common lore (Humanity, Tennoch Prime, Underworld), Linguistics (Terran, Spanish), Operate (Voidship), Awareness, Intimidate, Trade (Musician, Voidfarer), Survival, Navigate (surface), Tech-Use
+10: Scrutiny, Inquiry
+30: Dodge


  • Quickdraw: Reduce time to draw weapons by a 1/2 action.
  • Weapon Training: Low tech, Shock, Solid Projectile
  • Marksman: No penalty for shooting at long range.
  • Peer: [Performers, Underworld II] +10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Enemy: [Nobility] -10 to interactions, some roleplay considerations.
  • Mighty Shot: Add 1/2 BS Bonus [+3] to damage with ranged weapons.
  • Eye of Vengeance: Spend fortune point to DoS to pen and damage dealt.
  • Step Aside: Dodge or Parry twice per turn.
  • Target Selection: No negatives to aiming into combat. If aiming, then an ally can't be hit.


  • 5 Dynamite
    • 0 Stored, 5 Carried
    • 3xSM; S/-/-; 2D10; X; Blast [3], Tearing
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Handcannon w/ Improve Grip
    • +5 to hit; Pistol; SP; 35m; S/-/-; D10+4; I; Pen 2; Clip [5]; Rld [2 Full]; Requires two hands.
    • [5], [5], [5]
  • Sombrero (H-1), Leather Armour and Poncho (ABL-2)
  • Microbead
  • Blue Ball Sun Keychain
  • Dagger
  • Mask
  • 1 manstopper clip + 1 bullet

Resistance [5]
2 Armour + 3 Toughness

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