Party Holdings

Castellan Caladan

Red Leaf Manor [Vesalan Valley Borderlands]

  • 1 hex Major; 7 hex minor; 3840 acres [borderlands domain]
  • 60 Families; spread out over the hex, they are settled in the lands among the hills and forests.
  • Family Morale [+0 : Apathetic]
  • CQ Manor House (4x6x6; two floors and basement)

The Vesalan Valley Region

Hex diameter 6 miles.

Red Leaf

Hex diameter 1 mile.


  • 7 lyra monthly per family; Generater from trade in furs, redwood and herding.

Monthly Income Stream

Item Amount
Revenue from Families 420 Lyra a Month
Upkeep of townhouse -60 Lyra
Tax to house Van der Sno [20% of Revenue] -84 Lyra
Tithe to Lyssian Church of Dragar [10% of Revenue] -42 Lyra
Festival Expectations [6 Festivals at 5 Lyra a Family] -75 Lyra
Garrison Cost -150 Lyra

+9 Lyra per Month


  • 6 Cataphractii
    • Morale (+2)

Merchant Cataphractii (Human, Soldiering, Weaponmaster)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 11 12 10 12 9

Traits: Quickling
Skills: Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Human Dialect), Weapon training (Crossbows, Simple, Heavy Blades), Armour Training (I), War, Gamble, Light Sleeper, Parry, Ride, Awareness, Nature (Temperate Rainy)

Abilities: Armsmaster, Shield Training, Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat

Equipment: Armingsword B:1 D10+6, Medium Shield [Block: +3 Resistance: 3 HP :30], Shortsword B:1 D6+6 Offhand, Crossbow [30m D10+5 Reload (4 turns) Penetration (1)] 20 quarrels, Clothes, Leather Shirt, Leather Leggings, Winter Cloak, Mailcoth Hauberk, Steel Halfplate, Sallet, d100 Lyra
H: 5/5 B: 9 AL 6

  • Courser w/ leather, and chain barding

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