Zancillia Ozark


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 12 12 11 10 13

Will: 6
Experience: 1600/1625
Taint: 5

Skills and Talents:
Heal, Beasthandling, Divine Favour (Aerin), Weapon Training (Primitive, Simple Blades, Scimitar) Armour (1), Sprint, Augment Healing (+1 to healing spells effects), Alpine Stride,
+1: Nature, Deceive, Awareness, dodge


  • Dark vision: (Colourless)
  • Resist: 5 Fire, Cold, Frost
  • Lithe Tail
  • Commune with Nature: The deist may walk amongst the boughs and trees of the wood to learn things about the terrain around her and about the creatures. She makes a Nature Check to see how long she is in the Trance. She gains +1 divine favour for completing such a trance and receives some information.
  • Spells of the Living Godess: The deist suffers a penalty on her spellcasting rolls equal to the total weight of all armour that she is wearing that was never a living organism.
  • Unattractive Scarring (+2): Suffers a -2 penalty to interactions whilst in intimate situations.
  • Sterilised by Combat: May never bear children.

Inventory: 9/12
-'Wintersting' (Heft 1; Balance 1; D8+1; Pen [2]; Piercing; Reach [2], Somatic, High Crit [+1], Adamantium, Versatile)2
-AC Scimitar Adamantium (1 Heft; 4 Balance; D8; Slashing; High Crit [+1] +2penetration)1

-AC Leather Armour 2 [B,A,L], Volg Scale Shield (+3 Block; 40 HP; Resist 2; Resist 5 Fire), AC Laminar Cuirass 4 [B],1, AC Laminar Vambraces 4 [A]1, Laminar Greeves 4 [L]1,,, Riding Drake Helmet 3 [H] 2 [F] -2 Per

-Symbol of Nature (Purple Feather), Dagger1, Spell component pouch, AC Cold Weather Cloak, Small box of herbs [Holly, Mistletoe, some undefined], Amethyst and bone broach, Waterskin, Backpack [Soap, 2x Unknown Gold Coins, 5x Trail Rations, Id papers, First Aid Kit, Soap]1, Coin Purse with AC Lock, ID papers, Bedroll2

H: 3/2
B: 6
A: 6
L: 6
Carriage(left in varg) 
Secret locked compartment DC23 size of small chest.

Vargarian Masques:
21 Platinum
336 Gold
51 Silver
26 Copper

Siliran Currency:
15108 gold leaf

Cheque Account: 15000 gp

Animal Companion:

Tiger(cub)(in process)glorious
+1 to all stats

Failaon - [Deceased]

Light Horse Zillah

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 13 12 6 11 7

Move: 12 metres
Attack: Hoof (D4; Impact; Reach [1])

Skills and Talents: Athletics, Awareness +1, Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint, Endurance

  • Herbivore
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.

23x Trail Rations, Large Trunk, Saddle, Saddlebags


Divine Favour: 7

Flaming motes, and tiny firey sprites fly out of the Invoker's hands and swarm around their target, incinerating and burning, all the while cackling in minute alien laughter.

  • Does 2d6 fire damage to one target within 20m. This lasts 1 round.
  • 1 DF for d4+1 rounds duration.
  • 1 DF per additional damage dice.

Healing Touch
With a touch the Deist heals the most serious of injuries, the flesh of the injured healing at an incredibly rate.

  • Heals d8 points of fatigue, or 1 point of ability score damage, or stops 1 level of Bloodloss, but not any other effects of criticals, useless limbs are still useless and lost appendages are still lost.
  • 1 DF per additional +d8 fatigue, damage or Bloodloss healed.

Summon Beasts of Land and Sea
From the sky, land and sea the come flocking to the divine call of the Deist. What the creatures are is another matter entirely…

  • The Invoker summons 1 creature from the nearby area to them. The creature is not hostile but nor are they friendly, they can be charmed as normal. They take some time to arrive generally 10 minutes and is at the GM's discretion as to what creature arrives but the caster can specify the type they are looking for (vermin, carnivore etc).
  • 1 DF per additional d4+1 creatures summoned.

Frost Veil
Light flickers around the the Deist confusing those who look upon her as it refracts through tiny frost crystals that shimmer and glisten around her. A shimmering veil of light masks her location from attackers.

  • 20% Concealment for 1 round.
  • 1 DF for each additional d4+1 rounds duration

Aerin's Hearth Blessing
With a single blessed word the devotee of the Earth Mother purifies food and drink for consumption, removing disease and poison.

  • Purifies one lot of rations or water skin.
  • 1 DF for each additional d4+1 targets

Sky Father Greets the Earth (2 DF to cast)
With a chant and a final shout clouds slowly begin to drift towards the Deists target. Hours later they coalesce and revolve into a spinning dark storm raining lightning down on her targets below.

  • This spell takes 2d10 hours to come into effect. When it does a lighting storm starts in full force, however the lightning bolts only target the a single structure designated by the Deist. 2d10 bolts of lightning hit the structure every hour and the storm lasts for 2d10 hours. The bolts each do 8d10 Electricity damage in a 2m radius if they should hit near any creature.
  • 1 DF to increase the storm time by d4+1 hours
  • 1 DF increase the amount of bolts in each hour by d4+1
  • 1 DF to increase the potency of the lightning bolts by d10

Blessed Transformation (1 DF to cast)
At will the Deist transforms into a beast, having received the blessing of the Life mother to take on another's form.

  • Transform into a medium sized animal. The transformation lasts until you end it, even lasting months or years, which you can do as a free action.
  • 1 DF to assume a Small or Large form.
  • 2 DF to assume a Tiny or Huge form.
  • 2 DF to assume an Elemental form.
  • 1 DF to assume the form of swarm

Skyfather's Frostskin
The invoker becomes coated in a thin layer of ice, cool to the touch, but not enough to harm her skin.

  • Gains resistance Cold (10) and Fire (5) for 1 minute.
  • 1 DF for each additional d4+1 minutes
  • 1 DF increase the resistances by +5
  • 1 DF for each additional target d4+1 targets

Breath of the White Dragon: (2 DF to cast)
Invoking and shouting in the ancient tongue the Invoker raises her hands in front of her and her fingers spew forth gust of living frost, as if she spat forth the breath of a great ice dragon.

  • 5m cone dealing 4d6 Cold damage.
  • 1 DF to increase the cone by +d4+1m
  • 1 DF to increase the damage done by +1d6

Beautious Crysallis: (1 DF to cast)
At a touch and a word whatever the druid touches turns to solid ice.

  • The druid may touch an object and turn it fully into solid ice. This has abstract effects and also can turn creatures into solid ice. This ice melts over time. A creature touched is entitled to a Constitution check to avoid being turned to ice. If they fail they take 1 cold critical per degree of failure. If they take more than 10 then they are frozen solid into an ice sculpture. Otherwise this effects one object of no more than 2x2x2m.
  • 1 DF per additional d4+1m in each direction
  • 1 DF per additional d4+1 targets.

Sculpt Ice and Snow
With chanting and fluid motions the invoker shapes ice and snow to her will, flowing and moulding like clay.

  • Sculpts 4x4x4 of Ice or Snow into a desire shape. Can be used to make spikes or weapons or whatever really.
  • 1 DF per additional +d4+1m in each direction.

Blessed Permafrost
The deists touch enchants the very ice itself. Blessed by the Sky Father this ice will nevermelt.

  • One frost item or scultpure never melts. 4x4x4m of ice is effected if it is not an item.
  • 1 DF per additional +d4+1m in each direction.

Blessed be the Skyfather (1 DF):
With a song to praise the sky the changes the weather itself with the blessing of the Sky father.

  • Change a weather effect regarding precipitation. May start it raining, turn rain to sleet, sleet to hail, hail to snow, or increase from light/moderate precipitation to heavy precipitation. Effects a 3 mile radius (hex) and is a natural weather change so does not provoke aberrant weather. The weather changes of 2d10 rounds.
  • 1 DF to cast for each additional step taken.


Zancillia was born in Cassangreca into a wealthy merchant family. Growing up in Cassangreca, but travelled regularly to Lyssia, the Baronies and to cold and northerly Varg. Zancillia’s father was said to be a Tiefling however his Tiefling features were not noticeable, her mother was human. She remembers her twin brother Zanzer and a younger sister Adreana. When her parents travelled during the early years of her childhood, they were kept in Cassangreca with the other members of the family and their keepers. When each child had seen six winters, they were allowed to travel with their parents. When abroad they stayed in the family townhouses in the major cities, including a townhouse in Varg. The children were mainly kept in the house, being entertained by servants and given instruction in letters and arithmetic. They were able to go out of the house on trips with their mother with their mother who took them to the Bazaars and to the parks and gardens by the Palace square and in the noble’s district. Zanzer was drawn to the markets while Zancillia always to the parks and gardens. When Zanzer and Zancillia had seen nine winters, and Adreana six, a business opportunity to trade in Sky-Metal from frozen Lorstheim opened up, and the family decided to take it. Her parents decided to take the children, to let them see the frozen tundra and glaciers of the most northerly nation. The family made the dangerous journey, up the coast edge of the Baalwood, their caravan protected by their merchant guards with them as always. Halfway through their journey up the coast though, they were attacked by bandits. From inside the carriage the children and their parents could hear shouts and the screams of the horses and the clashes of swords before the doors were thrown open and a hooded man started to drag everyone out. As he roughly threw the family out of the carriage with another foul man Zancillia was dazed she struggled with the man, her head connecting with the carriage door. Through her haze and the blood starting to cover her eyes she heard her mother’s scream and her father suddenly go lax in his attempts to resist the bandit wrestling him face first into the snow. Then everything went black.

Zancillia awoke bound and gagged, strapped down in a cart with the chests from the carriage. Scared and in shock couldn’t remember anything only flashes of the fighting. Feverish and slipping in and out of consciousness, a few days, or a week passed, with the bandits travelling through the Baalwood, in which time she remembers a blizzard blowing over and the bandits stopping, seemingly afraid to go on. The next she remembers is awaking in the care of a druid named Gouti Ozark and he took her under his wing and tried to help her regain what memory she could. Starting with her remembering her name and though it took years, they managed to piece together Zancillia’s past. She could however never remember her family name, or the names of her parents, as these things matter little to a child, so instead she goes by Gouti’s last name, Ozark. With Gouti she learnt the ways of the forest, and began her education in the veneration of Winter. In her seventeenth winter she found an abandoned wolf pup while on a ranging, and took it in. Faolán, as she named the pup, has remained by her side ever since. When Zancillia had reached her twentieth winter Gouti informed her decided it was time for her to go on her Ranging through the world, to learn and to practice her craft. On the way to Varg to meet up with an acquaintance of Gouti’s to arrange for her journey, they ran into a band of traveller-mercenaries stranded in a not uncommon summer snowstorm. In return for helping them Zancillia was left in their party to explore the world.

Her memories however, proved false. On the day Karganath was released from his eons of imprisonment he revealed to her that the bandit attack on her parents merchant caravan was in fact a hoax, and that her father had made a pact with Viella, and that she was the product. Her father had organised for her to be captured and killed by bandits to the north of Varg, where it was more uncivilised than in Cassangreca, and less likely to attract attention when she started to so signs of his pact. Karganath also revealed to Zancillia, her last name and the name of her father. Foltarin.


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