Gorgon Rogue
Gorgon (Scaly), Slave, Assassin

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 12 12 9 8 10


Move: 6m
Experience: 0 [General] 2 [Daggers+2] 2 [Awareness], 4 [Survival]
Renown: 0
Fatigue: 3 permanent


  • Speak (Regional Low Sylvan, Imperial Dwarven), Athletics, Defence (Mobility+1 BD), Deceive, Stealth, Thievery, Stonewright, Weapon Skill (Daggers +1 BD)


  • Draconic Scales – [Natural armour (1) v EBSP]
  • Draconic Constitution – [+1BD v toxin, poison, gases]
  • Superior Senses (Smell) – [+1]
  • Hardened – [no mundane terrors]
  • Killing Strike +2
  • Crescent Moon: +1 Stealth, -1 Awareness (discern)
  • Berserker Speed
  • Armour Training (+1)
  • Counteract (1)


  • MQ Gorgonite Dagger: +2 to hit, +2 to parry; [Dam 5 P] DR13/HP2, AP2, Simple, Offhand, (+1 v Lodging). 1/2
  • CQ Silver Dagger [Dam 5] DR10/1 AP - Simple, Offhand


Head: (B5 P5 S6 E3) CQ Closehelm Weight 2
Body: (B5 P5 S6 E3) CQ Half Plate Armour
Arms: (B3 P3 S4 E2) CQ Half Plate Armour
Legs: (B3 P3 S4 E2) CQ Half Plate Armour Weight 7

  • MQ Clothing (+1 to Stealth),
  • MQ Ring of the Serpent, Bronze Serpent Torc
  • Backpack w/ [Writ of Freedom, Bedroll, Rations (8 days), Waterskin, PQ Winter Coat] 2
  • 4 doses "Armour Grease"
  • Pouch of Black Glass powder/fragments
  • 2 ancient Thrope-culture coins (Silver)

- Platinum Dragons
5 Golden Drakes
5 Silver Swords
8 Copper Slaves

Lotus Smuggler - Velion
Crystal Mage - Velion

From his hatchling days, the inflexible society of the Dragon Empire ill suited Yuvath. Accursedly unexceptional in a rigid culture of specialised roles, he was constantly scorned and chastised by authority figures and disapproving relatives. Consequently he never learned to respect rank or his elders, developing reprobate habits that continually shamed his dutiful soldiering family. Expelled from his village at age twelve, he was duly rounded up by the Empire's many slavers and Shanghaied into a life of punishing labour. His service to this exploitative social order did little to inspire new confidence in the Empire or it's rulership. Yet opportunity would arise when he was sold as a labourer and stevedore to a decadent former noble trading silks and furs through Zuldir. Foolishly assured of his subject's slavish loyalty, Yuvath's master allowed him considerable freedom in the exercise his duties. While carrying goods, running message and spying on his master's competitors, Yuvath was awed by the vibrant, cosmopolitan city and culture he observed. When the merchant's company went bankrupt, he eschewed the ritual suicide that was expected of him. Divesting himself of all the trappings of his former life, he took passage aboard the ship Unrepentant Blade and embarked on a search for a new life of freedom, fraternity and adventure.

Berserker Speed [10 exp]
Armour Training [5 exp]
Counteract [10 exp]

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