Varin Thranathal

Dwarf, Bronzebraid, Weaponmaster



Renown: 1

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
14 10 12 7 10 10 0

Weapon Focus +1 Battleaxe, Armsmaster, Imperial Dwarven, Kath'Syveri , Awareness, Athletics, Weapon Training (Prim, Simple, Thrown, Axes) Dodge/Parry, Dungeoneering/Nature (alpine)


  • Frenzy
  • Cleave

Weapons: Weight: 5
-MQ Battleaxe [Bal: 0, SB+2, Slashing/Versatile, DR:4, HP:15]1
-Battleaxe [Bal: -1, SB+2, Slashing/Versatile, DR:4, HP:10]1
-Handaxe [Bal: 0, SB, Slashing/Offhand/Thrown, DR:3, HP:6]1
-5 Throwing Axes [1mxSB, SB+1, Slashing/Quick Reload/Offhand, DR:1, HP:3]1
-Net [0.5mxSB, Flexible/Entangling, DR:0, HP:3]1

Armour Weight: 10
Head/Face: 3/3 [Barbute]
Arms: 2 (4vSlashing) [Leather Shirt, Chain Hauberk]
Body: 7 (9vSlashing) [Leather Shirt, Chain Hauberk, Breastplate]
Legs: 2 (4vSlashing) [Leather Leggins, Chain Hauberk]

Equipment Total Weight: 17
Hide Overcoat (Brigandine+Winter Cloak)2

0 Dragons
0 Drakes
5 Swords
0 Slaves

1 Military of any race or Eartehn Barbarian Associate


  • Resistance (Poisons and Disease): Dwarves add a bonus dice on saves against poisons and gases (including alchohol) and diseases.
  • Dwarven Encumbrance: Dwarves are stout and robust, Dwarves always decrease the penalties from encumbrance by 1 level. As such a Dwarf who has exceeded his first strength bracket only takes no penalties to Dodge, Acrobatics and Athletics, and no the Movement penalty. A Dwarf who has exceeded his strength bonus again would increase the difficulty of Dodge, Acrobatics and Athletics by one dice and a -1 penalty to movement.
  • Dwarven Gullet: Dwarves may eat soil to make a Constitution check to avoid taking fatigue for not eating. For each day they do this and pass they suffer a cumulative -1 to their next attempts to ignore fatigue from not eating by devouring soil.
  • Dwarven Vision: A Dwarf can sometimes see quite well in darkness, their eyes adjust to take in heat signatures and other radiation. Dwarves’ eyesight is also calibrated to various other radiation. This allows them to pick out rare metal veins and several forms of arcane radiation. This give grants them the +1 Superior Senses (Sight) whilst in Pitch Darkness only, as other light sources tend to screw with their vision. They also gain the benefits of this trait to any sight based check to determine whether something is magical or of a particular kind of metal or stone (such as Arcana, Magewright, Magewright, Stoneworking, Armouring, Weaponsmithing when checked on Perception.)
  • Superior Senses +1 (Touch): Dwarves are very sensitive to vibrations in the earth.
  • Altitude Aware: Dwarves always know how far below ground, or above ground they are to approximately 2d10-degrees of success on a Perception Check (Hearing) in metres. They also always know their orientation.


  • Was a soldier fighting against the Trow in the Underworld
  • Severe injury (bled out and died for some time before being resuscitated) led to memory-loss and some brain damage
  • Relegated to Bloodmines as a gladiator/slave
  • Purchased at the behest of a recruiter from the Blackportal Military Contractors who was impressed by his savagery
  • 104 years of age
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