Elrad Cognitae

Sylvan, Starkeeper, Mage, Prodigy, Total Recall

General: 14
Arcana: 2
Spellcraft (Cogymancy): 3
Light Blades: 1

Renown: 1

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
9 11 8 13 8 9 0



  • Move Speed (DB+1): 5m
  • Sylvan Senses
  • Heightened Senses +1 (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste)
  • Sylvan Appearance
  • PTSD (Level 1)


Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, High Sylvan, Low Sylvan, Draconic), Literacy, History, Nobility, Arcana, Weapon Training (Light Blades), Supernology
+2: Spellcraft (Cogymancy)


  • Total Recall
  • Hardened

Equipment: 6/8
MQ Clothing 0 Satchel 1 [Quill and ink, 3 sheets of parchment, Scrollcase] Spellbook 1, Bag of Ecoplasm, Pat's Spellbook
MQ Winter Cloak
MQ Mages Robes [4x Vial of Perfumed Blood, 2x Powdered Trow Brain]
MQ Somatic Armingsword [+2 SB+1 Slashing, DR 4 HP 6] 1

Face/Head: 2/3 [AC Open Helm w/ Daemonic Face Mask]
Body: 3 [AQ Leather Shirt (2), Mw Lamellar Armour (1)]
Arms: 3 [AQ Leather Shirt (2), Mw Lamellar Armour (1)]
Legs: 2 [AQ Leather Leggings (2)]

Mount: 'Stalwart', Light Horse



  • Mancer's Secret Whisper
    • Send a short message via telepathy to another willing creature within your CHA bonus of metres. You may stunt up to add your CHA bonus of creatures to the message.
  • Thought Detection
    • Detect surface emotions in those around you in CHA bonus of metres.
  • Minor Suggestion
    • Once cast at a target it gives you +1 to an interaction check. Target must be within your Perception of metres.

Full Arcana:

  • Major Mind Affectation
    • Component: Vial of blood or perfume or other similar substance worth 1 sword (consumed)
    • Cause a creature targeted (within Perception of metres) checks Charisma – casters Cha bonus or becomes Frenzied, Feared, Confused (Dazed), Falls asleep, or charmed. This effect lasts minutes equal to the casters Charisma bonus, except for sleep which lasts rounds. A charmed creature follows the caster loyally in battle / gives the caster an their allies + bonus dice when interacting in friendly manner with them.
  • Mindtap
    • Component: Powdered Trow brain worth 1 swords (consumed)
    • On touch, anyone of the following;
      • Subject takes 1d6 points of Int, Per, and Cha damage. If passes a Constitution check then only half damage is taken.
      • Target gets +CHA bonus on all attack rolls, reactions, saves for CHA bonus rounds.
      • Target takes –CHA penalty on all attack rolls, reactions and saves for CHA bonus rounds.
      • Target gains a disorder (Casters choice) at CHA bonus level semi-permanently (as a curse)


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
1 Silver Swords
7 Copper Slaves

Personal Loot: In Tent
-"Unnamed" AC Curved Sword w/ Duellists Grip (+4; SB; Slashing; DR 4 HP 12; Defensive +1)
-2x MQ Clothes
-MQ Jambiyah (rebalanced dagger)
MQ Tulwar (curvesword with deulists grip)
-Silver Falcatta (silver hacksword)
5x Shuriken
5x Silver Shuriken
-MQ Leather Shirt
-2x MQ Leather Leggings
-MQ Leather Lamellar Armour
-MQ Brigandine
-Satchel [Quill and Ink, 5 Pieces of Parchment]
-MQ Sky Steel Armingsword
-Silver Dagger
-Rope and Grapple
-Magewright's Book
-Smith's Tools.
-MQ Naval Sabre (curvesword)
-MQ Black Iron Cutlass (hacksword)
-Repeating Crossbow 40 Quarrels


  • Marxizius [Sylvan, Dark Kin, Mage]
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