Sanguinia Briarheart

Blood Elf Ranger
Sylvan, Wildborn, Weaponmaster

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
11 13 11 9 13 9 0


Experience: 9 [General Exp], 2 [Hardened], 6 [Bows], 1 [Survival]


  • Move: 7
  • Elven Trance
  • Sanguinal Creature
  • Sylvan Senses: +1 (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Magic)
  • Beast Tatoos: +2 to Stealth when not wearing Surcoats.
  • Nature Familiarity: Temperate

Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Low Elven, Valeese), Survival, Awareness, Athletics, Weapon Training (Simple, Swords, Bows, Thrown), Defence, Stealth, Nature.
+1: Longbows


  • Shot on the Run: May make a Move action when makes a ranged Attack action.

Equipment: 11/11
-Mw Longbow (90m; 5 Dam Pierce; DR 6, HP 4; Two Handed, Reload [1]) w/ 40 Broadheads3
-Mw Curved Sword (+2; Dam 5 Slash, Dam 4 Pierce; DR 11, HP 2)1
-Leather Leggings1, Leather Shirt2 Elven Hides (As a Wintercloak with +1 armour against Slashing attacks on the Body)1, Reinforced Leather Lamellar [BA (2)+1 v slashing]4, Leather Cap (1vSlash)
-Bow1 Elven Hunter's Falchion (+1; Dam 4 Slash, Dam 2 Piercing; DR 9, HP 2; Offhand, Simple)1,

Face/Head: 0 (1vSlash)
Body: 2 (5vSlash)
Arms: 2 (4vSlash)
Legs: 0 (1vSlash)

0 Platinum Dragons
2 Golden Drakes
9 Silver Swords
2 Copper Slaves

Ylrad Briarheart Commander of House Briarheart Military, doting uncle working against influence of older sisters.
Raolin Stonebow Wild-Rider Chieftain, former consort, worked together on raiding missions in the past.

Lady Hunting Lynx

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 14 10 4 10 4

Traits Small, Quadruped, Natural Weapons (Bite SB-2 Pierce,
2x Claws SB Slashing), Camouflage+2,(Temperate),
Superior Senses (All +1), Carnivore, Winter Fur

Talents When charging, make a Leap check. If successful, attack with
both claws and a bite. If any attack hits, make a grapple attempt for free.


Shot on the Run [20 Drakes]

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