Hive World (Mettalica), Assassin

Tarot: ‘To War is Human’

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
31 50’ 30 30 41 26 32 28 30


Wounds: 11
Fate: 2
Fortune: 2
Corruption: 0
Insanity: 0

Basic: Barter, Carouse, Charm, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Search, Swim, Tech-Use
Trained: Awareness, Concealment, Climb, Dodge, Silent Move, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Metalican Dialect)

Unremarkable, Thrown Weapon Training, Melee Weapon Training (Prim), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Catfall.

  • Hivebound: -10 to Survival and while out of a proper 'Hab' take a -5 to all Intelligence tests
  • Wary: +1 Initiative
  • Packing Iron: If without a gun for whatever reason the Metallican takes a -5 on all tests.
  • Way of the Gun: +5 on Tech-Use Tests regarding firearms

Equipment: 17.90/36kgs
-Hunting Rifle w/ Silencer and Telescopic Sight (Basic; 150m; S/-/-; D10+3; Impact; Pen 0; Clip 5; Reload Full; Accurate)5kgs
-Sword (D10; Rending; Balanced, Primitive)3kgs
-Knife (Melee, Thrown; 3m; D5; Rending; Primitive)0.5kgs
-Compact Stub Automatic w/ Silencer (Pistol; 15m; S/3/-; D10+2; Impact; Pen 0; Clip 5; Reload Full)0.75kgs
-3 Doses of Stimm, Charm, Black Bodyglove, Stummer2kgs, Grapnel and Harness2kg, Case for Rifle1kg, Hab Ident Card, 3x Hive Ident Cards (One Real)
-3x Smoke Grenades1.5kgs, 3x Hunting Rifle Clips1.5kgs, 2x Hunting Rifle Manstopper Clips1kgs, 1x Spare Bullets, 2x Compact Stub Auto Clip0.15kgs
-Mesh Vest (B-4)1kgs

Personal Holdings:

  • Grew up in Metallican Hive where he learned to shoot.
  • Now an assassin in the employ of a lower hive Tarsus Gang.


Silent Move [100]
BS +5 (1) [100]
Catfall [100]
Climb [100]

Level 1: 400/500


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