Maleum Fellblood

Doomsguard Blood-Warden, Future Kaeyanon of the Vael

Elf, Tiefling, Gladiator, Warden

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
14 14 12 10 10 16 (14)


+1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Per, +1 Con, +2 Cha, -1 Int

Experience: 2319/2319
Taint: 7
Size: Medium
Speed: 7m

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Low Elven), Weapon Training (Primitive, Thrown, Simple Blades, Simple Blunt, Military Blunt, Military Blades, Crossbows, Bows), Nature, Intimidate, War, Armour Training (III), Jaded, Heal, Weapons Master (Longsword), Counter Attack, Flurry of Blows (Military Blades) [1], Command, Battle Rage.
+1: Weapon Focus (Mace, Longsword), Parry, Religion
+2: Heightened Senses (All)

  • Infravision: Coloured
  • Trance
  • Extremely Attractive
  • Sanguine Creature
  • Tainted:
    • Infernal Brawn: +1 Con
    • Infernal Will: +1 Cha
    • Infernal Power: +1 Str
    • Infernal Grace: +1 Dex
    • Infernal Intelligence: +1 Int
    • Magnificent Horns: +2 to Intimidate, Helmets cost 10% More.
    • Abyssal Darkness: Charisma Check to drop a 4 meter orb of supernatural darkness on themselves. Takes D10-Ch Bonus of minutes to recharge.
  • Divine Favour: Viella
    • Good Luck: Once per day a Viellan Cleric may re-roll one of their checks and they must keep the new result even if worse.
  • Permant Spells:
    • Eagles Splendour: +2 Cha
    • Foresight: An additional initiative dice and adding +2 to all reactions.

The tenants of her worship are:
Seek pleasure, it is through pleasure that one arrives at truth,
Flesh is the godliest part of creation, one should devote themselves to the All-Flesh, for it is shared by all creatures, material or immaterial
Satisfy your desires, for they are brought forth by your holy flesh,
Healing is the war against corruption, for otherwise All-Flesh may fester,
Laws merely serve to corrupt those who are true to their Flesh,
Ambition is the desire of the godly, as it is brought forth by the Flesh

Equipment (Carrying 12/14)

  • 'Vrazyr-Endar' "Lady of the Shadowcaller"Enchanted Adamantium Elven Longsword
    • (Heft: 2, Balance: 4; 2D10; Slashing; Pen 2; Versatile, Summoning, High Crit [1])2
    • Sentient [Ego: 2], Chaotic, When causes a kill check Cha -2 or Frenzy.
  • The Crown of Thorns Crown of the Kaeyanon of the Vael
    • AC Adamantium Elf Made Close Helm
    • Daemonic Visage, Room for Horns
    • Wearer counts as having the 'Air of Authority' Talent, or 'Demagogue' if he already possesses it.

-Mw Clothing, AC Holy Icon, Writ of Freedom, AC Winter Cloak, AC Mace1
-Backpack [Waterskin, Manacles, Flint and Steel, 7 days Iron Rations]1, 2 Ounces of Black Lotus
-AC Dwarf Made Adamantium Somatic Longsword w/ Duellists Grip (Heft: 3, Balance: 2; D10; Slashing; Pen 3; Versatile, Defensive [1])2

Head: 7 [Crown of Thorns]
Body: 14 [AC Leather Shirt (2), AC Elf-Made Adamantium Scale Armour (5), AC Elf-Made Spiked Adamantium 3/4 Plate (7)] Weight 6
Arms: 12 [AC Leather Shirt (2), AC Elf-Made Adamantium Scale Armour (4), AC Elf-Made Spiked Adamantium 3/4 Plate (6)]
Legs: 12 [AC Leather Leggings (2), AC Elf-Made Adamantium Scale Kilt (4), AC Elf-Made Spiked Adamantium 3/4 Plate (6)]

Money bag:
0 Platinum
1565 Gold
0 Silver
3 Copper

550 Lyra

Mw Reaper Bloodclaw

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
15 12 14 6 11 10

Size: Large (Animal)
Move: 10 metres (Broken Left Hind Leg)
Attack: Talons (2D8; Slashing), Bite (D10; Slashing)

Skills and Talents: Athletics +8, Awareness +2, Stealth +2, Survival +2 (+3 when tracking), Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint.

  • Carnivore.
  • Pounce: With a successful Athletics check the Reaper may attack multiple times on the charge.
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.
  • War Training

Head: 4 [Spiked Burgonet 4]
Body: 10 [AC Leather 2, Mail 3, Half Plate 5]
Legs: 6 [AC Leather 2, Mail 2, Half Plate 2]

Saddle, Saddlebags, Military Tack, 5 days Feed.


-Bedroll1, Grappling Hook2, Rope (25m)2, 3 Days Iron Rations, Holy Icon, Climbers Kit1, AC Clothing

Clerical Abilties:

  • Divine Favour: 6
  • Shadowshards
    • Deals d8 + charisma bonus unholy damage to all enemies within a room or within 4m of the caster (whichever is smaller).
  • Shadowstep
    • Caster may teleport their charisma bonus in metres.
  • Boiling Blood
    • The blood of a Creature touched catches fire. Each turn they take d10 acid damage until they pass a constitution check.
  • Blood Drain
    • Caster regains 1 fatigue and ability score damage per turn that a touched target suffers from bloodloss.
  • Sword of Darkness
    • For one round the touched weapon ignores armour.
  • Infernal Ally
    • The daemonqueens blessing forces a daemonic creature into the service of the deist. Infernal creature must succeed on a Charisma check versus the clerics roll to cast or be dominated permanently unless released. The infernal creature may not have a higher charisma bonus than the deist.
  • Purge the Flesh
    • Remove 1 disease or charisma bonus of infections from the target. Alternatively you give them your charisma bonus as a bonus to their ext check to overcome a magical disease.

Growing up in the Vael Maleum was tutored in the way of the Blood Elven warrior and once he reached maturity he entered the ranks of the Viellan Bloodpits. The Bloodpits were where captured humans were slaughtered for sport, it's warriors as much entertainers as they were fighters. As his fame rose as a fighter Maleum began to gain gifts from the goddess he shed so much blood in the name of and grew to be a crowd favourite. His elegance with a blade and pure brutality gave the assembled crowds much pleasure and he quickly earned the favour of the Prince of Vael, who gifted him a suit of ornate armour.

Finally he earned his freedom in day long battle against a dozen human priests of Dragar and set out into the world to find his sister, Ivy, from whom he had been separated at a young age. To this purpose he travelled north to Sviofalva where he joined her as a member of the Doomsguard.



Extremely Attractive [200]

Flurry of Blows +1 (Military Blades) [400]
Religion +1 [200]
Weapon Focus (Longsword) +1 [200]
Parry [150]
Parry +1 [200]
Counter Attack [400]
Weapons Master (Longsword) [400]
Command [150]
Air of Authority [119]
Battle Rage [200]

Air of Authority [81 Lyra]


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