Kynleef the Masked

Half Elf, Amnesiac, Assassin

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 14 11 13 11 13

Will: 6
Speed: 6m
Experience: 1400/1625

Fatigue: (II Permanent)
Taint: 6
Disorders: Terrifying Nightmares (II)

Skills: Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Low Elven, Vargarian), Charm, Perform (Strings), Deceive, Thievery, Dodge, Awareness, Weapon Training (Simple Blades, Crossbows, Thrown, Drow Blade Whip), Acrobatics
+1: Streetwise, Stealth, Heightened Senses (All)

Talents: Killing Strike (when attacking an unaware target an Assassin adds +D6 to their damage. The also add +1 to criticals they cause with these with attacks), Ambidextrous, Extremely Attractive, Dual Weapon Wielder (+2), Phenomenally Coordinated (multiple attacks with each hand, or non offhand weapon once), Flurry of Blows +1 (Simple Blades), Dance of Death, Step Aside, Quick Draw, Jaded, Light Sleeper


  • Echoes of the Past

Inventory: 9/10

-AC Harp (Dragony) 1
-AC Shortsword (Balance +3; D6; Offhand)1
-Mw Adamantium Shortsword (Balance +2; D6; Pen 3; Offhand)1
-Drow Blade Whip (Heft 1; Balance 1; D6; Reach [3]; Vicious, Unbalanced, Entangling, Flexible)1
-AC Brace of Throwing Knives (D4+2; 5m; Reload [Half]; Offhand)1
-AC Light Crossbow (D10+6; 30m; Pen [1]; Reload 2 Full)2

Souscoats: AC Leather Shit 2 [A, B], AC Leather Leggings 2 [L], Vargarian Death Mask 3 [H/F]: Visor -2 to perception.
Surcoats: AC Lamellar Cuirass 3 [B] 2 [A], AC Lamellar Greeves 2 [L]

  • Surcoats have Obscuring Pattern: +1 Stealth Urban

-AC Clothing, Backpack1, [Wine, Waterskin, Flint and Steel, 7x Rations], 20x Bolts1

H: 3
B: 5
A: 4
L: 4

130 Platinum
1737 Gold
10 Silver
0 Copper

Ac Light Horsie Timothy

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 14 13 7 12 8

Move: 12 metres
Attack: Hoof (D6; Impact; Reach [1])

Skills and Talents: Athletics +1, Awareness +1, Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint, Endurance

  • Herbivore
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.
  • War Training

Saddle, Saddlebags, 10 days Feed, Bedroll1, 19x day rations, AC Thieves Tools1, Climbers Kit1, Winter Cloak1, Grappling Hook2, Rope1, AC Brace of Throwing Knives (D4+2; 5m; Reload [Half]; Offhand)1, 1x Quiver Vialheads1, AC Shortsword (Balance +3; D6; Offhand)1



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