Gallus Von Recke


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
8 10 9 (10) 15 11 12


+3 Int, -1 Str, +1 Cha

Will: 6
Experience: 1500/1700
Movement: 6m

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade Dwarven, Siliran, Low Elven, High Elven, Vargarian), Dodge, Awareness, Streetwise, Noblity, Mercantile, Dungeoneering, Weapon training (Simple Blades, Crossbows, Elven Quicksword), Total Recall, Intelligent Fighter, Counter Attack, Quickdraw, Charm, War, Combat Formation Party can use my Intelligence bonus +1 as their initiative modifier
+1: History, Literacy, Parry, Weapon Focus (Elven Quicksword)


  • Quickling
  • Human Adaptability
  • Linguist
  • Unattractive Scarring (+2): Suffers a -2 penalty to interactions whilst in intimate situations.


Equipped: 8/8
-Adamantium Elven AQ Quicksword w/ deulists grip (Heft -2; Balance 3; D8; Pen [2]; Offhand, High critical [+2D4], Defensive [1]) 1
-Cold Iron Elven AQ Quicksword w/ deulists grip (Heft -2; Balance 3; D8; Offhand, High critical [+2D4], Defensive [1]) 1

Souscoats: AC Leather Shirt 2 [A, B], AC Leather Leggings 2 [L], AC Open Helm w/ plume 4 [H]
Surcoats: AC Lamellar Cuisses 3 [B], AC Adamantium Breastplate 6 [B] 1, AC Laminar Vambraces 4 [A]1, AC Lamellar Greeves 2 [L]

-Medallion of the Elven Lords This medallion generally pinned to one's lapel is a made of white-gold and delicately designed in the shape of two circling dragonflies, the emblem of Sviofalva. It marks the wearer as an emissary of the Sviofalvan Elves as well as sharpening his reflexes with subtle Elven speed enchantments. [+2 to reactions and is a badge of office]

-AC Clothing, Adamantium AC Dagger 1, Backpack [Waterskin, Magnifying Glass, Journal, Quill and Ink, Parchment, Flint and Steel, Document case (Maps: Sviofalva, Silira, Baronies), 3 Days Rations]1, Weapons Harness 2 [Adamantium Quicksword, Cold Iron Quicksword], AC Winter Cloak.

H: 4
B: 11
A: 6
L: 4


22 Platinum
14 Gold
12 Silver
7 Copper

Cheque Account: 52 Platinum

405 Siliran Dinan

Mw Reaper Goh-zirra

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
15 12 14 6 11 10

Size: Large (Animal)
Move: 10 metres
Attack: Talons (2D8; Slashing), Bite (D10; Slashing)

Skills and Talents: Athletics +8, Awareness +2, Stealth +2, Survival +2 (+3 when tracking), Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint.

  • Carnivore.
  • Pounce: With a successful Athletics check the Reaper may attack multiple times on the charge.
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.
  • War Training

Spiked Burgonet 4 [H], Mail 3 [B, L]
Saddle, Saddlebags, Military Tack, 5 days Feed.


-Silvered Elven AQ Quicksword w/ deulists grip (Heft -2; Balance 3; D8; Offhand, High critical [+2D4], Defensive [1]) 1
-Bedroll 1, Grappling Hook 2, Rope 1, 7 Days Rations, Lantern 1,


Starting Exp:
Total Recall (100)
Lingophile (100)
Spent Exp:
Intelligent Fighter (400)
Weapon Training (Elven Quicksword) +1 (100)
Parry +1 (200)
Weapon Focus (Elven Quicksword) (200)
Counter Attack (400)
Combat Formation (200)

Gallus Von Recke, of the minor Von Recke house of Silira, was by all accounts a brilliant child. Intelligent beyond his peers he excelled in games of strategy and in his academic studies, while primarily ignoring the normal physical pursuits of a Siliran noble. On the eve of his admittance into the Siliran Military Academy, two years younger than any student had been allowed before, his father's financial situation took a turn for the worse. Faced with having to tell his son that he could no longer attend the college he looked for any way out of his predicament.

As uncommon as it is for the Elves of Sviofalva to loan money to human nobles it does happen on occassion, as was the case with the father of Gallus Von Recke. While Gallus was studying at the military college of Silira he had no idea who was really paying his tuition. When his father couldn't repay his debts to the Elves they took his prized possession, his son. It is such that Gallus works for the Elves, hoping to one day repay his fathers debt.

It is believed by some that the elves set up situations like this, guiding children from young ages to suit their purposes in the future. It was said that the Diviners of Sviofalva foresaw a great importance in the future of Gallus, and set into place the plans that would eventually bring him under their sway.



When they discovered the White Elven Carnomancy factory in Silira Gallus knew that simultaneously word needed to be taken of its location and that the facility needed to be destroyed. It was such that he sent Zancilla Ozark back to the capital to report their findings, while taking the rest of his team deeper into the facility. The doors sealed behind them he knew it to be certain death but did not flinch as wave after wave of Orks and White Elf Mages attacked. Battling with the Quicksword with which he had made his name he slew Ork after Ork, their blood splashing on his once fine armour. After Kynleef and Caleb were slain, Gallus and Wolfram fell upon the Orks in a final charge, a moment of heroism ended moments later by the sharp end of a battle axe.

Party Loot:

  • Creepy AC Adamantium Mace (200)

-"The Sorrow of Taliman"
-+1 to Hit, +1 Dam, +1 Balance, +1 Heft
-Whenever it hits target wielder and target make constitution test or gain taint.

  • Scroll of Remove Fear
  • Scroll of Resist Energy


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