Aneth Frostwind

Elf-Tiefling, Arcanist, Mage

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 10 12 15 12 10


+1 Per, +1 Dex, +2 Int

Speed: 7m
Taint: 4

  • Disorder: Paranoia [2]

Experience: 1800/1800

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Low Elven, High Elven), Nature (Alpine), Weaponry (Simple Blades, Bows, Crossbows, Military), Literacy, Antimancy, Marksman, Dodge, Spellcraft (Tychnomancy), Armoured Arcanum [1]
+1: Arcana, Linguistics (Low Elven), Weapon Focus (Arming Sword, Arcana), Spellcraft (Cryomancy)
+2: Heightened Senses (All), Dual Wielder

  • Infravision: Coloured
  • Trance
  • Sanguine Creature
  • Spellbook Arcana: The mage may remember up to their Intelligence of Spells at any one time. Rememorising spells takes 1 hour and may be done once per day. Otherwise they store their spells in a spellbook.
  • Tainted:
    • Infernal Intelligence: +1 Int
    • Infernal Brawn: +1 Con
    • Infernal Will: +1 Cha

Equipment: 8/12
-AC Somatic Ice Long Sword (Heft: 2, Balance: 3; Slashing; D10; Versatile, +D6 Ice Damage, +3 Crit)2
-Robes, Dagger1, AC Winter Cloak, Backpack (Waterskin, Spellbook, Flint and Steel, a Quill, Ink, Vellum, 6x Iron Rations)1, Grappling Hook2, Rope (25m)2


Head: 6 [AC Adamantium Burgonet (6)]
Body: 12 [AC Leather Shirt (2), AC Elven Scale Vest (3), AC Adamantium Elven Breastplate (7)] Weight 1
Arms: 7 [AC Leather Shirt (2), AC Elven Adamantium Laminar Vambracers (5)]
Legs: 7 [AC Leather Leggings (2), AC Elven Adamantium Laminar Greeves (5)]

0 Platinum
1106 Gold
5 Silver
0 Copper

Ac Light Horsie Breeze

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 14 13 7 12 8

Size: Large
Move: 12 metres
Attack: Hoof (D6; Impact; Reach [1])

Skills and Talents: Athletics +1, Awareness +1, Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint, Endurance

  • Herbivore
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.
  • War Training

Saddle, Saddlebags


10x Feed, Hand-Crossbow w/ 20 quarrels, 4x Iron Rations, Bedroll1




  • Kylnazzar’s Subthermal Ray
    • Ray deals 1d5 cold damage with a 10m range. Also chills beverages quite well.
    • -1 to cast for each +1 damage.
  • Polar Ray
    • 4d6 Cold damage 20m range.
  • Ice Storm (-4)
    • Hail deals 5d6 bludgeoning damage in cylinder 8m across. Lasts for 1 round.
  • Frost Armor
    • 1 armour in all locations, Caster also takes 1 point of Cold damage per armour point in each location. You also gain double the normal resistance against both Cold (not the cold damage caused to you by the armour) and Fire. Lasts for 10 minutes.
    • -1 to increase the armour by +1 in each location.
  • Endure Cold
    • Exist comfortably in cold environments for 24 hours.
  • Frost weapon
    • Create a one or two handed weapon from frost. Deals normal damage as a weapon of its kind +d6 cold. Lasts for 1 minute.
  • Endure Cold
    • Exist comfortably in cold environments for 24 hours.
  • Quench
    • Extinguishes all nonmagical fires within 2m of caster. Magical fires make a saving throw.
  • Ice Javelins
    • Ranged weapon dealing d10 + strength bonus piercing and d6 cold damage with Penetration (2). They have a 10m range and require no proficiency, though only the wizard gets to to use them as he throws them from his fingers like an ultimate ice mage badass.
    • The -5 to increase the damage on these increases the cold damage of the javelin.
    • -5 to fire an additional javelin at the same time, with a -2 multiattack penalty.


  • Mancer’s Minor Mending
    • Makes minor repairs on an object. Item regains 1 Hp.
    • -1 to cast for each additional +1 HP
  • Vero’s Cypher Comprehender
    • Read scrolls and spells despite a mages cypher for 10 minutes.
  • Permanency (-4)
    • Makes passive spells permanent on items and areas.
  • Tychnojynx
    • All creatures carrying a weapon within 8m of the Technomancer are shocked as their weapons attack them for 1 round. The weapon rolls to hit on 10 stat. The creatures may attempt to restrain their weapons by reacting with Strength check as a reaction, or by dodging (by releasing their weapon). The weapon will then continue to attack its owner by floating in mid air. Magic weapons receive a saving throw to ignore this spell.
  • Keen Edge
    • Increase the weapons critical damage by +1 for 10 minutes.
    • -2 to cast for each additional +1

Aneth trained in the great magical college of the northern white elves, studying Cryomancy in the hallowed halls of the academy there. He found his talent in creating weapons out of ice and began to sell his creations to White Elven nobility. His blades were famed for their keenness and magical properties and he soon forged a comfortable life there. It was in this pursuit that he had the miscast that would change his life. Half his mansion destroyed and his family dead he fled south to the fabled wood elves of Sviofalva, where he joined the Doomsguard.



On his first mission with the Doomsguard, Aneth was mauled by a group of monstrous centipedes and stag beetles. His possessions and body were devoured by the insects, while his companions slew the beasts. His long journey from the cold north seemed to be for naught, as he was just another skeleton on the floor of the Valdenwood.


Ambidextrous [200]

Spent Experience: 1800/1800
Intelligent Fighter [400]
Dual Wielder (1) [200]
Dual Wielder (1) [250]
Weaponry (Military Blades) [200]
Weapon Focus (Arming Sword) [200]
Marksman [200]
Dodge [150]
Armoured Arcanum (1) [200]


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