Arcane Archer

Sylvan, Highborn, Mage, Broadened Education,

General: 5

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
10 10 9 12 12 9 0



  • Move Speed (DB+1)
  • Sylvan Senses
  • Heightened Senses +1 (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste)
  • Spellborn (Faerie Fire)
  • Sylvan Appearance


Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, High Sylvan, Low Sylvan), Arcana, Charm, Dodge, Literacy, History, Nobility, Arcana, Weapon Training (Light Blades, Bows), Spellcraft (Astrymancy, Ambyrromancy)


  • Faerie Fire: Free action for Cha check. If succesful you may outline your CHA bonus of enemies (within sight), with dancing flames, which cancels out the benefit of concealment, blur, and the like.
  • Spellbook Arcana

Equipment: 9/10
MQ Longbow [90m 5 Piercing, Two Handed, Quick Reload 4 / 9] 2
40 Somatic Broadheads 2 20 Armour Penetrators 1 20 Broadheads 1
MQ Armingsword [+2 SB+1 Slashing, DR 4 HP 9] 1
MQ Leather Shirt, MQ Leather Leggings [BAL: 1]
MQ Laminar Armour A:2 +1 v slashing 2



  • Ferromagnetism
    • You charge yourself with ferromagical energy. You can activate this for free in which case you treat yourself as a summongin epicentre with a range of your charisma bonus. You can attempt to summon objects of a weight equal to how far into your area of effect they are. If held the hold makes a strength check to opposed to a Charisma check from you.
  • Detect Magic
    • Whilst concentrating you can feel the presence of magic around you in your Charisma bonus of metres. You know the precise location of magical fields, and their school of magic. This only works for ongoing magical fields (duration effects) and semi permanent and permanent enchantments, it does not effect scrying, divine magic, or spells that have no duration, though spells that go off durin concentration will have auras that flare brightly.

Full Arcana:_

  • Shocking Augmentation
    • Component: somatic weapon or lodestone ring (1 drake)
    • A metal weapon that is touched (or the casters hands) also deals shocking equal to the caster’s Charsima Bonus for rounds equal to the casters Charisma bonus. Such damage is resolved as an additional hit, modified by degrees of success to hit as normal.
  • Prescience
    • Component: a pair of MQ dice or Cards worth 1 sword (consumed)
    • You understand the flow of the world around your for your Charisma bonus of rounds. During this time you gain a bonus dice to all actions and reactions you take.
      • Cast with +1 dice for +1 bonus dice.


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves


  • Magus-Sergeant Uthalinor [Sylvan, Bloodkissed, Intuitive]
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