Elyas Six Fingers

Human, Woodsman, Hunter

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
11 10 12 11 12 9


+1 Per, +1 Con

Experience: 0/0
Taint: 0

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, 1 Human Dialect), Athletics, Dodge, Awareness, Nature (Tropical Wet), Weapon Training (Simple, Crossbow, Bows), Weapon Training (Axes), Scrutiny

  • Hatred: Hydrogoblins (+2 Dam)
  • Wounds:
    • No fingers on Left Hand

Equipment: 14/11
-AC Longbow w/ 12 Blackglass Arrows (106m; 14; Piercing; Two Handed; Reload [Half]; 4/12; Composite [11])3
-Handaxe1, Waraxe (+2; 6; Axes; Slashing; 4/16)1
-Clothing, Mw Wintercloak, 20x Blackglass Arrows1 11x Bodkins2
-Backpack (Flint and Steel, Torch, Waterskin, 7 Trail Rations)1, Bedroll1, Grappling Hook2, Rope2

Head: 5 [AC Leather Cap (2), AC Openhelm (3)]
Body: 6 [AC Leather Shirt (2), Mw Brigandine (4)]-Weight 2
Arms: 4 [AC Leather Shirt (2), Mw Brigandine (2)]
Legs: 2 [AC Leather Leggings (2)]


0 Platinum Dragons
1 Golden Drakes
3 Silver Swords
9 Copper Slaves

Mw Hunting Hawk

  • Grew up in Fyrswood hunting the edges of the forest.
  • Father killed in a Hydrogoblin raid.
  • Increasingly detached from civilisation, spending his time hunting hydrogoblins.
  • Found a Drow Black Glass crystal in the forest and fashioned it's shards into arrowheads.


Elyas was making his yearly trip into the city-proper for supplies when he overheard a conversation. A farmer was trying to hire 2 mercenaries to hunt Hydrogoblins near his farm. Seizing this opportunity to kill his most hated foes he accepted the job. He tracked the fishmen for a number of days with his companion before finding their large base. After taking his righteous vengeance against the unholy fishmen, killing over a score of their finest warriors, Elyas was struck down when the cowardly fishmen peppered him with bolts from stolen siege crossbows.


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