Dāopiàn the Wanderer

Dāopiàn was born into the lower classes of the Steel Scales, destined for a life of war and poverty. He served his youth fighting the wars of the Scholar Gentry that rule the land of his birth but slowly became disenchanted with living his life in his designated place. Disdainful of this he left his homeland and wandered the world, serving as a mercenary when he needed money or simply taking what he needed. He travelled for many years before eventually his wanderings brought him to the Silver Empire, where he sought the relative warmth of the south satrapies and the jungles held within.


Drakekin, Steelskin, Guardian

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
14 12 12 9 7 12


+1 Str, +1 Dex, -1 Int

Experience: 0/3
Taint: 0

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Draconic), Weapon Training (Simple Crossbows, Blunt), Parry, War, Intimidate, Light Sleeper, Armour (II), Hardened, Shield Training

  • Drakekin:
    • Natural Armour: 2
    • Spit Acid: SB Metres Range, CB Dam
    • Fearsome Appearance: 1

Equipment: 14/14
-Frost Mace (+1; SB+1; Bludgeoning; 4/16; Versatile, Frost Damage [D10+7])1
-Medium Ceramic Reinforced Shield (+2 Parry; +1 To Hit; HP 25; DR 7; Damage D6 Slashing)2
-Backpack (Flint and Steel, Torch, Waterskin, 8x Trail Rations)1 Mw Dagger1, Bedroll1, Rope2, Grappling Hook2, Mw Winter Cloak

Head: 5 [AC Leather Cap (2), Mw Ceramic Closehelm w/ Visor (4)]
Body: 8 Slash 9 [AC Leather Shirt (2), Bronze Laminar (3), Splinted Bronze Cuirass (3)]-Weight 5
Arms: 4 Slash 5 [AC Leather Shirt (2), Bronze Laminar (2)]
Legs: 4 Bludgeoning 5 [AC Leather Leggings (2), Mw Bronze Scale Kilt (2)]-Weight 1


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
4 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves


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