Davien Flynn

Auxillary Pyromancer-Sergeant of the Doomsguard

Human-Tiefling, Arcanist, Mage

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
9 11 11 15 13 13

Will: 6
Speed: 6
Experience: 1400/1400 (563 Unspent)
Taint: 6 (Disorders: Delusions of Morality [2])
Elven Handheld Ambyrromagnetic-Projectile Weapon: 1452 gp

Skills and Talents:
Supernology, Command, Artistry, Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Low Elven, Cassangreci, Supernal, Aeslic, Draconic), Literacy, Weaponry (Crossbows), Item Familiar, Spellcraft (Infyromancy, Technomancy, Nethermancy, Cogymancy, Astrymancy, Kynomancy)
+1: Magewright
+2: Arcana
+4: Spellcraft (Pyromancy)


  • Quickling
  • Human Adaptibility
  • Darkvision: Colourless
  • Resistance: Fire (5)

Inventory: 7/9

-Balestaff (Heft 2; Balance 3; D8; Bludgeoning; Stun +2; Int 1, Soulstealing The staff steals life from any it kills. It is slowly gaining intelligence and stores a font of energy for enchanting. Necromantic Instinct The wielder counts Spellcraft Necromancy as Trained.) 2
-Mwk Dagger (Balance 2; D4; 3m; S/P) 1

Head: 2 [AC Leather Helm 2]
Body: 7 [AC Leather 2, AC Adamantium Elf Made Laminar 5]
Arms: 7 [AC Leather 2, AC Adamantium Elf Made Laminar 5]
Legs: 7 [AC Leather 2, AC Adamantium Elf Made Laminar 5]

Mage's Robes w/ 60gp of components, Spellbook1, Wandbracer [Deep Slumber, 2x Repair (D8), Cat's Grace, Shield]1, Back pack1 [Waterskin, 15x Parchment, 3x Healing Potions, Inkpen, 5x Ink Vial, 3x Trail Rations], Green Winter Cloak1

AC Lamellar Armour 3 [B] 2 [A], AC Lamellar Cuisses 2 [L]

'Percussal' (3 Shot; 30m; 3D10; Pen 4; High Crit [1], Explodes)


Vargarian Masques:
5 Platinum
0 Gold
3 Silver
1 Copper
7785 Gold Pieces In Varg School Bank

Sviofalvan Leaves:
916 Gold

Ancient Elven Coinage:
5 Platinum
463 Gold

Siliran Dinan:
7037 In Bank Account

Cassengrecan Lyra:
20, 000 In Mages Spire Account

Light Horse Bayleaf

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 13 12 6 11 7

Move: 12 metres
Attack: Hoof (D4; Impact; Reach [1])

Skills and Talents: Athletics, Awareness +1, Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint, Endurance

  • Herbivore
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.

Saddle, Saddlebags.


-Mwk. L. Crossbow (D10+5; 30m; Pen [1]; Reload [2 Full]) 2
-Bedroll1, 20m MWK rope1, Trail rations x10, Flint Steel, Nobles Mask, High Elf Writ, Sanguine Symphony Writ, Vargschool Papers, Bag of Marbles, Pipe + Pipeweed, Book of Vargarian Child's Stories, Game of Stones, Manacles, 2x Alchemists Fire

Scroll Case 1 w/
- 2x Detect Magic
- Read Magic
- Daze
- Analyze Dweomer
Scroll Case 1 w/
- Aster's Flaming Fists
- Darian's Immolation Beam
- 3x Disguise
Scroll Case 1 w/
- 2x Darian's Detonation Blast
- Mage hand
- True Strike
- Arcane Mark
Scroll Case 1 w/
- Shatter
- Infernal Animation
- Charm person.




  • Korlan's Fireburst:
    • All creatures an objects within 2m of the caster take 2d8 fire damage.
    • -1 for each additional +1 meter
    • -5 for each additional +d8.
  • Darian's Immolation Beam: (-2 to cast)
    • Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage with a 20m range.
    • -5 to cast for each additional ray, each additional ray also having a multi-attack penalty of -2 to hit.
  • Darian’s Detonation Blast: (-4 to cast)
    • 20m range. 4m radius. 4d6 damage. Per to hit. Dodge check to take half damage and move to the edge of the radius.
    • -1 to cast to increase to increase the radius by each +1m
    • -5 to cast to for each +d6 you wish to increase the damage by.
  • Flynn's Firestrider:
    • Move your move distance through objects and terrain. Every object you move through takes 1d6 fire damage. At the end of your move explode in 2m dealing an additional d10 damage.
    • -1 per +1m radius to the explosion
    • -5 for each +1d6 to the damage of the spell.


  • Dragorhath's Simple Astral Entanglement:
    • You teleport 100m.
    • -2 for each creature you wish to take with you (touched) they must be willing. If unconscious they make a willsave, but no conscious unwilling creature can be taken.
    • -2 for each additional 50m meters


  • Mancer's Magic Darts:
    • 1d6 damage, roll to hit for dodge checks, otherwise automatically hits, auto hits otherwise.
    • -1 for each additional missile, no multi-attack penalty, counts as independent targetting.
  • Layanath's Force Armour:
    • 1 natural armour for 1 minute.
    • -1 to increase the duration by 1 minute.
    • -2 to increase the armour point by 1.
  • Mancer's Flight:
    • Subject flies at speed of 12. 1 min.
    • -1 for each extra minute.
    • -5 for additional subject.


  • Serenia's Charm Vision:
    • Subject is invisible for 1 min.
    • -1 for each +1 minutes to duration.
    • -5 for each additional creature effected.
    • -5 to be able to attack and stay invisible.


  • Gromrin's Unhinging:
    • Opens locked or magically sealed door, if a magically sealed door then it just divest the spell for 10 minutes. Degrees of success is required on this check to open, at least equal to the degrees of success to lock the door, or to magically seal it.
    • -1 to effect additional locks.


  • Xaxandaxis' Writhing Bridge:
    • Makes a thin ribbon like bridge of shadow between two objects no more than 10m long. It lasts for 1 round and is 1m wide. Must be unbroken and continous when formed and can support a maximum weight of 50 (100kg). If at any time this is exceeded the bridge fails and peters out of existence.
    • -1 for each additional round.
    • -2 for each additional +5m long.
    • -1 for each additional +1m wide.
    • -2 for each additional +25 weight (50kg)
  • Nirenyr's Multiple Personalities:
    • Creates decoy duplicates of you 1d4 duplicates. They last for 1 minute, and mimic your exact actions. When you move your locations translocate to make it impossible to distinguish again. When they take damage they die, though their armour counts as the same as yours. The burn and fall over looking dead like normal. Attackers roll randomly to see which image they attack, unless blind in which case they can try and locate you with noise, a Scrutiny check, at -4 if a creature is not normall blind.
    • -2 per each additional duplicate.
    • -1 for each additional minute.
  • Kromgrod's Phantasm:
    • Fearsome illusion kills subject unless they pass a will save to disbelieve it, if the don’t they then make a constitution check, if passed they instead take 3d6 damage Necrotic (automatically the head).
    • -5 for each additional target in this spell.
    • -5 for each
  • Ghost Sound
    • Figment sounds for 1 round. As loud as 5 humans.
    • -2 to cast for each additional 5 humans. 20 humans = dire lion roaring, 15 humans = tiger roaring, 10 humans = horde of 80 rats.
    • -1 to cast for each additional round.


  • Animate the Dead:
    • Creates undead skeletons and zombies permanently that are automatically bound to your will. If your raise a creature with a higher Will save than yourself you both make opposed charisma checks including your Spellcraft Necrymancy bonuses, and you can control as many undead creatures as your Charisma + your Spellcraft (Necrymancy) bonus.
    • -2 for each additional target animated at once.
    • -5 to create ghouls, ghasts, mummies, or mohrgs.
    • -10 to create greater undead, creating shadows, wraiths, spectres, or devourers.

He is tall, pale and skinny, with shock red hair and incredible green eyes. Smells slightly of brimstone.

Lived on the islands of Rhannior (on the main Island- Gilsteir) to the east and south of Varg, north of Casangreca the cliff city.
Learnt magic when adopted into a mage coven on the island, realised something was changing inside him, so fled to the cliff city and stopped practicing magic. The Rhanniors persecute magic use as heresy against Dragar.
Left mother (Isla) and sister (Caomi) on the island, father (Talwin) owns a tavern. – The Toasty Loaf
Went to the great engineering and architectural academy in the cliff city.
Graduated, moved to Haand for a job constructing a manor for a noble.



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