Caleb Dark-Kin


Personality traits:
Systematic, Realistic, Focused, Distant

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 11 14 13 14 9

Will: 4
Speed: 7
Experience: 1400/1400
Taint: 0

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade dwarven, Low Elven), Mercentile, Alchemy, Dodge, Stealth, Awareness, Streetwise, Weapon Training (Thrown, Simple blades, Crossbows, Bows, Elven Quicksword, Shuriken), Ambidextrous, Animal Companion (Small viper), Killing Strike, Dual Shot, Shot on the Run, Lightfall, Nature.
+1: Improved Criticals (Alchemicals), Weapon Focus (Shortsword)


  • Heightened senses: +2
  • Darkvision: Coloured
  • Trance: Only needs to sleep for 4 hours of the day, counts as having 'Light Sleeper' when in trance.
  • Sanguine: Extremely attractive trait against non-Elven races.

Equipment: 10/10

1x Sets of AC Throwing Knives Knife (D4+2; 5m; Piercing; Reload Half)1
4x AC Shurikens (D6+2; 6m; Slashing; Half Action Reload)1
2x Adamantium AC Elven Quickswords (Heft -2; Balance 3; D8; Slashing; Pen 2; Off hand, High Critical [+1])2

Souscoats: AC Lyndwyrm Leather Shit 3 [A, B], AC Leather Leggings 2 [L], Mw Open Helm 4 [H] w/ Lynwyrm Leather
Surcoats: AC Brigadine 2 [B, A], AC Lamellar Cuisses 2 [L]

H: 4
B: 5
A: 5
L: 4

-2x Potion Bandoleer2, Backpack1 [Flint and Steel, Waterskin, Bottles of Alchemical Spirits,], AC Bow (D10+5; Range ?; Piercing; Pen 1; Reload Half) w/ 10 Hardened Bodkins3, 20x Vialheads (1 Alchemists, 4 Tanglefoot, 5 Dwarfblind), 1x Spider Venom, 3x Empty Vials, sunrod, alchemist's fire, tanglefoot

-Alchemist's Fire
-Dwarfblind (3/4)

-Misc items
-5 GP worth of alchemical materials

  • Alchemists Spellbook 1
    • It is a successful craft Alchemy check to distill potions
    • Requiring 50gp of materials base and additional 25 gp for each -1 you would impose to the spell's normal casting roll.
    • This negative applies to the Alchemy craft check as well.
    • The potions effects always effect whomsoever imbibes the potion.
    • On a critical fail a phenomena is generated as well as losing the reagents.
    • It contains the following spells:
      • Owl's Perception
      • Cat's Grace
      • Invisibility
      • Bulls Strength
      • Eagle's Splendour
      • Heal Wounds
      • Barkskin
      • Haste
      • True Strike
      • Image

30 Platinum
2085 Gold
4 Silver
7 Copper
1800 ,, Dinar,,

Small Viper Sally

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
7 14 11 6 11 4

Size: Small Animal
Speed: 4 metres

Base Attack: Bite: D2 +Poison

  • Poison: D4 Con per degree of failure. Slow [6 hours].

Special Qualities: Scent, Low-light vision.
Skills and Talents: Athletics +2, Awareness +1, Acrobatics +2, Stealth +2, Lightning Reflexes.

  • Animal Companion: Totally Loyal

Giant Spider Lotte

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 13 12 2 10 4

Size: Large
Move: 6
Will: 2

Attacks: Bite: 2d10+6; Piercing; Poison

Skills and Talents:
Athletics +1 (+3 Climb), Awareness, Stealth

  • DR: (Natural 2)
  • Many Limbed: Doubles Size bonus for grappling, hit location percentages changed to 0-10 Head, 11-30 Body, 31-65 Right Limb, 66-100 Left Limb3
  • Darkvision: Colourless
  • Mount Training
  • War Training
  • Web:Web-spinners can throw a web eight times per day. This is similar to an attack with a net and has a range of 10 metres with altered increments of 2 metres. This otherwise counts as an Entangling weapon with the spider's comparative size bonus that it would receive from grappling the target being applied as a negative to the targets attempts too disentangle itself. Alternatively a spider may choose to web an area in which case it webs an area equal to 10 times the size of its metre grid footprint. They usually position these sheets to snare flying creatures but can also try to trap prey on the ground. Approaching creatures must succeed on a (-5) Awareness check to notice a web; otherwise they stumble into it and become trapped as though by a successful web attack. Each 1 metre section has 2 Hit Points with a DR of 1. A monstrous spider can move across its own web at its climb speed and can pinpoint the location of any creature touching its web.
  • Tremorsense: Automatically senses the location of any creature that makes contact with the ground.
  • Poison: 1D6 Strength damage per degree of failure.
  • Alien Minded: whenever it encounters a new creature that it hasn’t met before the Rider must make a Ride check or the creature will attack and attempt to eat the creature. This continues until the rider succeeds on a beast handling check to acclimatise the creature.

Ac Light Horsie Manny

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 14 13 7 12 8

Move: 12 metres
Attack: Hoof (D6; Impact; Reach [1])

Skills and Talents: Athletics +1, Awareness +1, Low Light Vision, Heightened Senses (Smell), Sprint, Endurance

  • Herbivore
  • Quadruped: May carry 4x it’s Strength.
  • War Training

Saddle, Saddlebags, 10 days Feed


Satchel1, Grappling Hook2, Rope2, Winter Cloak1, Portable Alchemy Lab1, Thieves Tools1, 4x Sets of AC Throwing Knives Knife (D4+2; 5m; Piercing; Reload Half)4, 3x Nets (3m; Reload Half; Flexible, Entangling)1,, Shortsword, 10x Rations, 40x Vialheads.

Caleb was born into the brotherhood of the dark path but a during a raid in his early years he lost almost everyone in his small but powerful tribe. With no-one to care for him he spent a large portion of his younger life alone learning to live off the land. Over time that which he learnt from the brotherhood all but faded and was replaced with his respect for nature and how to survive. He came to learn about the different plants and their properties. During his adolescence after years of solitude he encountered a small group of elves of the lighter path, he followed them for a while whilst contemplating what to do. He was intrigued by them, having spent so long with no other intelligent beings his curiosity was piqued.

Whilst following this group his father's name was mentioned in passing and Caleb was taken over by rage as it is taboo to mention the name of a elf that has passed. He blindly attacked the group, jumping on the closest and managed to kill him before he was quickly detained by the other elves. They escorted him back to Elvander where he was offered a chance at salvation to change his beliefs and turn to the lighter path else he would be imprisoned for life. With much meditation Caleb turned away from the botherhood onto the lighter path, but with it came the overwhelming guilt of the life he had taken from the elf. He fled unable to face the shame and again embraced a life of solitude.

For a long time he wandered again living off the land, from time to time passing through a village and selling rare and sought after ingredients for potions which he would exchange for clothes and some weapons when needed. During this time he befriended a small viper which turned up one night and helped itself to Caleb's dinner, when Caleb made no moves to stop the snake, it stuck around.

One day whilst selling his wares in a town, he was approached by an elderly alchemist who offered an apprenticeship in exchange for taking care of his home and providing him with ingredients he needed for potions. Caleb agreed and his time was then split up between stints in the mansion of this alchemist reading book after book on potions and their effects, and long hikes, spent in his home, the wilderness sourcing ingredients for his teacher and now himself as he experimented with different potions.

Long after Caleb surpassed his teacher in the potion arts, the old alchemist passed away leaving his house and libraries to Caleb who continued his life of solitude.



With the doors closed behind them and Gallus feebly looking for an exit, wolfram and caleb face off the only entrance to the room with bows ready. As a mage stands behind the flames, arrows stopping harmlessly in front of his face, he murmurs under his breath and gas starts to billow in through the floor. As Caleb draws back two more arrows he draws in his last clean breath and sights the mage. As the arrows from wolfram are dodged Caleb exhales as he shoots, one arrow piercing the mage’s leg and the other instantly combusts on his body engulfing him in flames, the only discernible feature the blood spurting from his femoral artery.

Caleb inhales the potent mustard gas, as it goes down into his lungs the corrosive acid eats straight through his lung and ribs bursting out his side. With his last breath he throws Sally towards the dead body where the legs of Kinleef can be seen sticking out of the unconscious mans mouth. As his life slowly ebbs out of him he worries for the fate of his underworld empire and his spider steed Lotte, who will never again feel his firm command. Slowly his mind clears as he slips first into unconsciousness and then shortly after his heart stops.

Starting Experience:
Spent Exp:
Animal Companion [200]
Weapon Training (Elven Quicksword) [100]
Improved Criticals (Alchemicals) [400]
Lightfall [200]
Dual Shot [200]
Shot on the Run [200]
Weapon Training (Shuriken)) [100]


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