Asrai Briarheart

Blood Elf Spear Beserker
Sylvan, Wildborn, Weaponsmaster

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 11 13 14 10 9 11 11

4, 5, 3, 3, 3, 4

Move: 7m
Taint: 16
Experience: 0 [General], 1 [Athletics- Running], 8 [WT- Spears], 5 [Awareness- Notice], 5 [Unshakeable], 4 [Defense- Dodge], 3 [Awareness- Scrutiny], 2 [Survival- Navigation] - Spent: 35 General
Renown: 0

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Valesse), Survival, Awareness, Athletics, WT (Simple, Thrown, Bows, Swords, Polearms), Defense, Stealth, Frenzy, Hardened, Religion.
+1: WT (Spears)

  • Pure Faith
  • Elven Trance: 4 Hours sleep per day, counts as Light Sleeper.
  • Sanguinal Creature: Extremely Attractive +1
  • Graceful Movement: +1 Movement
  • Sylvan Senses: +1 (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Magesense)
  • Elven Beast Tattoos: [Crimson Vine] +2 Stealth when not wearing Surcoats.
  • Frenzy: Immune to fear, exhaustion, fatigue. Move Action to activate.
  • Nature Familiarity: Temperate
  • Accurate Strike: Extra Dice when aiming

Equipment: 11/10

  • Eldrymadon -Enchanted Sylvarite Shortspear (+2; Dam 5 Pierce, Dam 3 Slash; Pen 1+Charisma Bonus; Versatile; DR 12 [44 v energy], HP 3) Two Handed (+1 to hit)2
  • Ancient Middle Sylvanish Armour:
    • MQ Sylvarite Barbute (H-2 [1vEnergy, Piercing])
    • MQ Sylvarite Laminar Coat (B-3, A-2 [+1vSlash, Energy,+2vPiercing])
    • MQ Sylvarite Laminar Greaves (L-3 [+1vSlash, Energy, +2vPiercing])

-Bow w/ 17 Broadheads (Dam 5 Pierce; 50m; DR 5, HP 2; Two Handed; Reload [1])3, Elven Hunter's Falchion (+1; Dam 4 Slash, Dam 2 Piercing; DR 9, HP 2; Offhand, Simple)1
-Holy Icon
-Boots of Farstride
-Backpack [Waterskin, 9x Rations]1, Bedroll1
-MQ Drake Skin Leather Leggings (L-1 [+1vSlash]), MQ Drake Skin Leather Shirt (BA-1 [+1vSlash])2, MQ Elven Hides (As a MQ Wintercloak with +1 armour against Slashing attacks on the Body), MQ Leather Cap (H-1vSlash)

Face: 0
Head: 2 (3vSlash, Piercing, +1vEnergy)
Body: 4 (7vSlash, 6vPiercing, +1vEnergy)
Arms: 3 (5vSlash, 5vPiercing, +1vEnergy)
Legs: 4 (6vSlash, 5vPiercing, +1vEnergy)

1 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
6 Silver Swords
8 Copper Slaves

Companions and Mounts:


Small Winged Hunting Drake
Strength: 10 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 10 Intelligence: 6 Perception: 10 Charisma: 6
Traits: Size (Small), Omnivore, Heightened Senses (+2) (Sight), Winged
Speed: Walk (1), Fly (13)
Natural Weapons:__ Talons x2: SB-3 Slashing, Bite: SB-2 Slashing
Skills: Dodge, Athletics (Flying +2), Acrobatics, Awareness, Survival, Grapple


  • Blood Shaman Elkyr:
    • Blood Elven Shaman. Viellan Priest/Carnyrmancer. Wizened hermit.
    • Lives in mountain refuge in Red Forest.
  • Godwyn Likar:
    • Human weaponsmith and veteran of the Long War. Missing one leg.
    • Owns 'Likar's Blades' weaponary store.

Youngest son of a barbarian chieftain in the Red Forest. Raised to fight with a spear in his tribes tradition and took part in raids against both the more civilised Elven settlements and the human settlements close to the forest edge. One day clan raided a nearby Blood Elven settlement ruled by the Briarheart family. Despite their skill in battle the clan was largely wiped out due to the defenders superior numbers and organisation. Asrai was wounded in the fight, his familial weapon broken by a stroke of the sword of the Briarheart's eldest son. His father also engaged in a duel with the blademaster of the settlement, husband to the Briarheart Matriarch. After a one on one duel that lasted a number of hours Asrai's father was defeated. Impressed by the tenacity and bravery of the barbarians Briarheart offered the dying warrior the mercy of letting his bloodline continue, sparing his youngest son and adopting him as one of his own.

From that day Asrai was raised alongside the Matriarch's other children, Sanguinia and Sanguinius, but was always an outsider due to his uncultured ways and full body tribal markings. Despite his outsider status he became one of the clan, his only link to his other life the old Blood Shaman Elkir, who served his father from his hermitage in the mountains of the Red Forest. Elkir kept Asrai in touch with his heritage and when his strength returned he travelled to a nearby human settlement and had his honor spear re-shafted. The weaponsmaster who fixed it became Asrai's only friend outside his new clan, the two warriors sharing stories and techniques.

When Sanguinia and Sanguinius were kidnapped by Archon Gaur, Asrai tracked the pair for days. Eventually he found the Archon's tower and helped the bloodied and traumatised Sanguinia to escape her pursuers. When Sanguinia left the clan a week later to track down her twin brother's killer the Matriarch compelled Asrai to follow and protect her, wherever that may lead.

Accurate Strike [10 Drakes]
Hardened [5 Drakes]
WT (Concussive) [5 Drakes]
Religion [15 Drakes]
Pure Faith [20 Drakes]

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