Elkmyr Baen

Sylvan, Trueborn, Tiefling, Highborn, Cleric

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 13 10 10 8 16


+2 Cha

Taint: 50 (+1 Dex, +2 Cha, Alu Fiend)

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, High Elven, Low Elven), Literacy, Nobility, Weapon Training (Light Blades, Bows, Simple), Parry, History, Religion, Perform (Oratory), War.
+1: Intimidate

  • Extremely Attractive: +2
  • Pale Skin: +1 Fearsome Appearance

-AQ Scythe (+1; SB+3; Slashing; Two-Handed, Reach [2], Unorthodox)
-Mw Clothing, Signet Ring, Mw Holy Icon of Anaheth
-AQ Barbute w/ Sanguine Facemask
-Vial of Bubonic Plague
-4 Swords

Head: 4 (AQ Barbute)
Body: 3 6vSlash (AQ Leather Shirt [1, 2vSlash], Brigandine Armour (2, 4vSlash)]
Arms: 2 5vSlash (AQ Leather Shirt [1, 2vSlash], Brigandine Armour (1, 3vSlash)]
Body: 1 2vSlash (AQ Leather Leggings [1, 2vSlash])


  • Divine Favour: Anaheth
  • Miracles: 1
  • Vow of Destruction:
    • Destruction Ability:

Trust not
Create not
Give not
Think not
Live not

1x Sylvan Noble (Cultist of Anaheth)

  • Member of a prominent noble house, famous for creating beautiful artwork. Prayed to escape the order and beauty of his noble house and burnt his families manor house to the ground as an offering.
  • Roamed the mountains killing at will and offering sacrifices to the UnGod before sensing a necrymantic energy coming from the upper glaciers.
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