Thaur, Brokenhorn, Monk

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
15 10 15 9 9 9

5, 3, 6, 3, 3, 4

Experience: 5 [General], 2 [Awareness- Scrutiny], 1 [Awareness- Notice], 3 [Unshakeable], 7 [Grapple], 36/300th's [Artwright/Literacy], 1 [Perception], 1 [Constitution], 1 [Intimidate] -Spent: 21 General
Taint: 11
Fatigue: 1

Skills and Abilites:
Hardened, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Glibtongue), Athletics, Weapon Skill (Simple, Axes), War, Defense, Woodwright, Nature, Martial Art (Bludgeoning; SB), Religion, Pure Faith.
+1: Defense (Grapple)

  • Large: +1 damage, +1 resistance, double carrying capacity, +1 move speed.
  • Natural Weapons: Horns SB Piercing
  • Goring Charge: When you run and attack you can attack with your horns for free.
  • Immunity Transmutatory Diseases
  • Herbivore
  • Noble Form: Thauryssian’s are immune to Transmutatory diseases such as Lycanthropy and Vampirism.

-Holy Icon [Adamantium Acorn Amulet]
-Green Bag (Spider) [+25 carrying capacity: 97 Rations]1
-Red Bag (Phoenix) [+25 carrying capacity: Methane]1
-Enchanted Nose Ring [5m of no fall damage]
-Amulet of Protection (+4 Armour)

5 Swords, 6 Slaves

Daryl Braith: Ex-captain of a merchant's guard company, now a monk. Fights from horseback with a war-stave. Renowned for his wisdom and stoic nature. [Military Associate]

The minotaur, given by his owners the simple moniker of Ken, was raised at the house Thauros breeding facility. When he came of age he was sold as a logging assistant on the outskirts of the Vael forest. He spent many years in service with little idea of his origins or the culture of his people. After his labour group was wiped out by an elven raiding party he fled, wandering for many months with no guidance or direction. The humans of the region would not accept him because of his species and the minotaur clan he found rejected him due to his broken horn and slave past. Finally he found an old group of monks, who saw the internal strife of this young minotaur and decided to take him in as one of their own.

Living with the monks Ken found inner peace and eventually took up what was considered one of the hardest of their vows; that of poverty. Ken sold his possessions, hoping to give what money this gave him to the downtrodden he would encounter on his journey. Throughout his time outside the monastery Ken kept only in contact with Master Braith, his mentor and superior amongst the monks. He now wanders the wilds of the Despoiled Kingdoms, bringing with him peace as a zephyr brings cool winds.

Religion [15] (5 Pure, 10 Religion)

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