Inquisitorial Investigation Log: Cardinal Ignato

REF: INQ/ 050619917/BI

++Author: Inquisitor Ravenscar++
++Subject: A special assignment++
++Scintillan Internal Communique; Sealed++

Thought for the day: Innocence Proves Nothing.

Gaining access to Ignato in the Cathedral of Illumination is a daunting task. Many wait months for a simple glimpse of the building and we need access to it's inner sanctum. I have heard rumours of the Ecclesiarchy inviting one man in, a collector of relics name Gallus Trantor. Many times he has been invited to view the relics but has always refused. He is our ticket in.
You will take Klightus and Groot and find this Gallus. He was last seen on Bael VII, not far from here. His reclusiveness and enigmatic personality will work in our favour. I have organised transport there and a meeting with a contact who may be able to give you more information. Dispose of him and take his place, I need you there establishing yourself under his name for when the Ecclesiarchy next request him. No-one can know or even suspect you are not Gallus otherwise this will all come crashing down. I'm depending on you for this, do not disappoint me.

Location: Bael VII

REF: INQ/ 050619917/BI

++Author: Inquisitor Ravenscar++
++Subject: Mission Briefing++
++Scintillan Internal Communique; Sealed++

Thought for the day: The faithful man does not face danger alone. He has the God-Emperor at his side.

My faithful acolytes,
Thanks to your work on Barsapine, the attention of the Emperor’s Inquisition have come certain facts concerning Arch-Cardinal Ignato that causes us to be suspicious of this exalted member of the Ecclesiarchy. I should reiterate that it is not that I do not trust your words, just that they are insufficient proof of guilt. In other circumstances such suspicions would be sufficient cause to see Ignato arrested or executed under Inquisitorial authority, but give the peerless status that the Arch-Cardinal holds in the Calixis Sector, even the Emperor’s Inquisition hurries not to condemn him publicly. There are after all powerful enemies in the Ecclesiarchy or even within the Ordos that have the capacity to greatly hinder our work should Ignato be prosecuted and his guilt not proven.
Your task is to infiltrate the Cathedral of Illumination, Arch-Cardinal Ignato’s seat of power, and there gather evidence that might support the suspicions we have of him.
Thanks to your work over the past half year it has been arranged that you will be received with your cover intact as inspectors of relics, there to examine the various religious items and ascertain their veracity. You are to use the access this cover gives you to find out everything you can about Ignato and any other suspicious activity at the cathedral. I cannot be more clear that you will not have inquisitorial support if you are discovered. My superiors must have deniability.

Should you discover evidence of malfeasance on Ignato’s part, you are to report back to me. Until such time as I inform you otherwise, your mission concerns only the gathering of evidence.
By the authority of Him On Earth.

Seek not riches, nor praise, but only the knowledge that you do the Emperor’s work.

Location: Scintilla, Hive Tarsus

Mission Log: Part I

  • Arrived at Cathedral
  • Began to inspect relics
  • Contacted Priest with information on Ignato
  • Attacked by Gangers

Mission Log: Part II

  • Conducted Exorcism
  • Discovered secret chamber in Nave
  • Reported findings on relics to Ignato
  • Investigated secret chamber. Attacked by Arco-Flagellants, discovered false tomes with a link to man named "Venomskin".
  • Ignato mysteriously disappeared.

Mission Log: Part III

  • Left Tarsus for Gunmetal.
  • Travelled to "the infernis", to a town called Blinding Gulch.
  • Found no leads about Venomskin but a whole plethora of sidequest goodies.

Mission Log: Part IV

  • Investigated rumours of 'Feral Humans' near the falls. Tracked said humans back to Genatorum where they lived.
  • Scoured Genatorum, killing Ferals within. Found evidence of locals planting Xenos creatures into Ferals.
  • Visited local traveling fair. Alyxia and Groot were beaten in a boxing match. Groot has his fortune told.
  • Klightus autopsied the Xenos creature discovered at the pain pits.

Mission Log: Part V

  • Ambushed on the way to 'Spire', Klightus took significant wounds but was patched up by Initus.
  • Beast 'The Crawler' confirmed to be simply a hologram guarding Skarit's Dragons lair.
  • Idol of the Blood God Khorne disposed and unholy plate armour tossed in Magma river.
  • Discerned possible location of Cadavers base and investigated.
  • Assaulted Cadavers base, discovering Xenos implant facility and numerous mutated gangers. Cleared of all hostiles.

Mission Log: Part VI

  • Destroyed Xenos Hivemind creature 'Blasphemy Zero' and encountered unknown stealthy psyker.
  • Returned to town and prepared for the coming battle.
  • Largely stayed out of the fight until it was apparent the outcome would not be decided without their help.
  • Attempted to track down Gore, Cadavers leader, but instead initiated combat with a Skarit's Dragons patrol due to mind control.
  • Avoided confrontation with the leader of Skarit's Dragons, Lord Sunderbone.
  • Discovered Gore's hideout via Psyniscience and killed him and his bodyguards.

Mission Log: Part VII

  • Made a deal with Sunderbone regarding Venomskin's location and executed him once he gave us the information.
  • Residents of Blinding Gulch rose up to kill the remaining gangers and pointed the party towards Venomskin's real location.
  • When they arrived there they found him dead via an assassin working for Ignato but also found incriminating evidence of Ignato's heretical actions.
  • Travelled back to the Tricorn palace and were given Inquisitorial Mandate to arrest Ignato.
  • Arrived at the Cathedral of Illumination to find it besieged by the faithful, trying to catch a glimpse of the 'miracles' that rumour said were occurring inside.
  • Killed a number of Sisters of Battle in an attempt to possess the Daemon Hammer they were guarding.
  • Confronted Ignato only to find he was in fact a Psyker name Brother Vraine who had been wearing Ignato's skin as a disguise. The real Ignato fled the planet.
  • Discovered that the psyker Vraine had locked up Ignato for being too radical and that Ignato was now going to Stonegarden, the resting place of Saint Drusus' bones.

Mission Log: Part VIII

  • Boarded the ship 'The Cudgel of Drusus', a modified Inquisitorial Raider.
  • Were attacked by 'The Faith Beyond Reason', an Ecclesiarchal vessel. Boarders attempted to attach boarding tubes to allow flagellants on board.
  • The party hurried to hold off the flagellants while disconnecting the boarding tubes. Initus power down the tubes and let the attackers suffocate.
  • After holding off the attack the party led the Armsmen of the ship on a counter attack to disable the 'Faith's engines. They fought for hours through waves of attackers before reaching the engines.
  • At the engines they were set upon by a fearsome penitent engine. It battered and burnt them but eventually the luck of Initus and the combined bolter fire of Dren and Groot laid it low.
  • They shut off the engine, saving both ships from a dire fate.

Mission Log: IX

  • Incoming…
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