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Mission Log

REF: INQ/ 050619917/BI

++Author: Inquisitor Ravenscar++
++Subject: Mission Briefing++
++Scintillan Internal Communique; Sealed++

Thought for the day: The faithful man does not face danger alone. He has the God-Emperor at his side.

My faithful acolytes,
Thanks to your work on Barsapine, the attention of the Emperor’s Inquisition have come certain facts concerning Arch-Cardinal Ignato that causes us to be suspicious of this exalted member of the Ecclesiarchy. I should reiterate that it is not that I do not trust your words, just that they are insufficient proof of guilt. In other circumstances such suspicions would be sufficient cause to see Ignato arrested or executed under Inquisitorial authority, but give the peerless status that the Arch-Cardinal holds in the Calixis Sector, even the Emperor’s Inquisition hurries not to condemn him publicly. There are after all powerful enemies in the Ecclesiarchy or even within the Ordos that have the capacity to greatly hinder our work should Ignato be prosecuted and his guilt not proven.
Your task is to infiltrate the Cathedral of Illumination, Arch-Cardinal Ignato’s seat of power, and there gather evidence that might support the suspicions we have of him.
Thanks to your work over the past half year it has been arranged that you will be received with your cover intact as inspectors of relics, there to examine the various religious items and ascertain their veracity. You are to use the access this cover gives you to find out everything you can about Ignato and any other suspicious activity at the cathedral. I cannot be more clear that you will not have inquisitorial support if you are discovered. My superiors must have deniability.

Should you discover evidence of malfeasance on Ignato’s part, you are to report back to me. Until such time as I inform you otherwise, your mission concerns only the gathering of evidence.
By the authority of Him On Earth.

Seek not riches, nor praise, but only the knowledge that you do the Emperor’s work.

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