The Unbinders of Karganath

A Dungeons and Dragons campaign of pillaging, looting, heresy, debauchery, smiting, heinous crime and violence in Varg and the surrounding lands.


Class Changes


Single Page Character Sheet

House Rules Document

The Campaign as it Stands

Silira, Falling, ECR 745 (party met in Varg during the month of Worm, ECR, 745)


Zancillia Ozark - the Tiefling Druid of Winter

Asahi - Enigmatic warrior of the Valdenwood.

Mortaris Lenns - Human conjuror and necromancer.

Wolfram Alpha - Once human, now werewolf thief and archer, Karganathi cultist

Tales from the Cassangrecan Era

Whereabouts Unknown

Davien Flynn - the Rhannioran from Gilsteir, and suspected Tiefling, Wizard Architect.

Oskar Sigmund - Noble Vargarian Fighter and chosen of Viella. (Formerly Lennart Lindberg).

Kynleef Rassin - the Vargarian Half Elf Rogue Musician

Trapped in Daemon Sword

Andreas Alpha - Once a human mercenary and the twin brother of Wolfram, reduced to animated Daemon Armour.

Deceased Characters

Thud the Brutal - the Half Ork Barbarian

Megear Staza - the Drow Ranger

Karoly a Torpe - the Tvrzhradi Dwarf Cleric of Karganath

Elran Shadowstride- White Elven justicar and priest of Cifyre

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