Executioner Elessar i'Rauko

Sylvan, Wildborn, Cavalry, Daemonfey (x6)

Pure exp: 4

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
12 16 11 9 11 15 60


  • Move Speed (DB+1 = 9m)
  • Sylvan Senses (+1 sight, hearing, touch, taste)
  • Elvan Trance
  • Sanguinal Creature
  • Hardened
  • Scaly Skin +2 (Natural armour +2)
  • Mutation: Blue Blood
  • Mutation: Salad Fingers


Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Nature (Alpine), Parry, Ride, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Sylveri), Weapon Training (Simple, Primative, Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Thrown, Bows)


  • Cleave
  • Cavalry Training
  • Cavalry Disengage
  • Shadowstep

Equipment: 14/12
-MQ Great Sword (B:+2, D:SB+3, Slashing, 2H; 5/15)2
-MQ Bow (D:SB, R:12xSB, Piercing, Quick Reload; 3/9)2
-AQ Winter Cloak1
-CQ Light Warhorse
-Backpack1, Fellsnow pin0, Fellsnow ring0
-Chainlock Gauntlet0

Face/Head: 4/4 [AQ Barbute(H4)]1 (-1 Per)
Body: 9 10s [AQ Leather Shirt(B2)0, MQ Chainmail Hauberk(B2,3s)3, MQ Chest Plate(B5)3]
Arms: 4 5s [AQ Leather Shirt(A2)0, MQ Chainmail Hauberk(A2,3s)3]
Legs: 4 5s [AQ Leather Leggings(L2)0, MQ Chainmail Hauberk(L2,3s)3]

0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
6 Silver Swords
9 Copper Slaves

CQ Medium Warhorse

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 13 13 3 10 3

Traits: Size (Large), Quadruped, Herbivore, Speed (9 [DB+3]), Natural Weapons (Hoof x 2: SB Bludgeoning, Bite: SB/2 Slashing), Hardened
Talents: Endurance, Sprinter +1
Skills: Athletics, Awareness
Equipment: Saddle, Saddlebags

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