Earthen [Goliath], Barbarian, Warrior

Beastblooded, Slayer of Nethranhep, Dragonslayer

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
15 13 13 +2 ConB 9 10 10

5, 5, 4, 2, 3, 4

Movement: 6
Experience: 11 (+2 Swim) (+3 mobility) (+1 Sailing) (+4 Defence willpower) (+1 Stealth) - Spent: 100
Taint: 21
Renown: 23
Fatigue: 0
Linguistics (Dwarf Dialect, Imperial Dwarven), Nature, Athletics, Defence, Intimidate, Awareness, Stonewright
+1BD: Awareness (Initiative)
+2 BD: WS (Polearms- Sword Staff)

To be allocated:

  • 2 Insanities
  • +1 Stat score

Abilities and Traits:

  • Hardened
  • Frenzy
  • Armsmaster
  • Deflect Shot
  • WS (Simple, Thrown, Axes, Polearms, Swords)
  • Earthen Traits:
    • Size (Medium)
    • Earthen Resistance: +1 bonus dice on saves against all toxins, poisons, gases and acids.
    • Earthen Encumbrance: Earthen use 1.5 x their Strength as their bracket for determining level of Encumbrance.
    • Earthen Senses: Superior Senses +1 (Touch) and +1 (Sight – when in pitch darkness only)
    • Altitude Aware: Earthen may make a Awareness (Hearing) check on Perception, as a free action, to know how far below or above sea level they are to within 3d6 +/- Degrees.
  • Blessing of the Gibbous Moon:
    • +1 Intimidate
    • -1 Stealth (Concealment)
  • Heightened Senses (Smell +1)
  • Counteract
  • Controlled rage (+1 BD to breaking frenzy)
  • Accurate Strike (Polearms)
  • Mighty Blow (+1 dmg on melee attacks)
  • Combat Reflexes
  • Perk:
    • Travelled [Gained Imperial Dwarven]

Equipment: 19/22 Saturation: 5/6
-MQ Coldsilver Versatile Glaive blade is curved back and is vicious-looking, with halfmoons down the blade and a head like a vicious leopard selky. Would have once been Champion’s weapon.// (+1 to hit/+2 to parry, +2/+3 two-handed; 9 Slash, 8 Pierce; DR9/HP 2; Versatile, Reach [2], Silvered, Cold Iron, Axiomatic) Weight 2
-Full Adamantine Wild Armour: MQ Adamantine Bear Close Helm (H- 5E 7BP 9S) [+1 to intimidate], Adamantine Plate Cuisses (L- 5E 7BP 8S), Adamantine Plate Cuirass (B- 6E 8BP 9S, A- 5E 7BP 8S) Weight 12
-MQ Gibbous Moon Amulet of non-frenzy
-MQ Sylvarite-Silver Sword Staff (+3/+2 to hit 2h/1h, +4/+3 to parry 2h/1h; Dam 9 Slash, Dam 8 Pierce; AP 1; DR 10, HP 2; Versatile, Reach [2], Silvered)Weight 2
-MQ Sword Staff (+1 to hit 2h/1h, +3/+2 to parry 2h/1h; Dam 9 Slash, Dam 8 Pierce; DR 10, HP 2; Versatile, Reach [2], Summoning: Trelthar's Fang)Weight 2
-Potion bandolier(2 hide in plain sight potions, 2 major reflex potions, 1 become ethereal potion)
-MQ Harpoon Crossbow (+1 to hit, 330m Range, 10 Piercing, 6/4, Two Handed, Tough Reload (14) AP (2) weight 3)
-19 Coral Quarrels
-Cold Iron Amulet (+1 Resist to magic)
-MQ Black Cloak [MQ Clothes] (+1 Stealth)
-1x Net
-Chainlock Gauntlet
-Tarrasque shell shield (Medium Shield 2, +2 Parry, +4 Block 5 v Physical, 15 v Energy/25 HP weight 2)
-Backpack [5x Javelins, Winter Cloak, 2x Waterskin, Stonemason's Tools, Bedroll, Grappling hook, Climber's kit, 1x Armour oil, 1 major reflex potion] Weight 1
-MQ Silver ring with sapphire thrope, Dargo's Octagonal Dwarven Ring, Tribal Headdress of Ultron, 2x Lion Torques, Fine Silver Gibbous Moon ring, MQ Silver Scythe Pin (Features: Gibbous Moon, Spider Web, Drake Feather, Thaur Horn, Half Moon, Thrope Claw and Rahani Moon decals).
-2 underwater breathing potions
-2 Bear traps (1 with common reptile venom)

-Gauntlets of Strength bonus +2

On the Krakenhunter:
-Pickaxe (-1 Parry; Dam 8 Slash/Piercing; DR 10, HP 2; Offhand, Simple) Weight 1

Head: 5E 7BP 9S
Body: 6E 8BP 9S
Arms: 5E 7BP 8S
Legs: 5E 7BP 8S

3 Platinum Dragons
10 Gold Drakes
7 Silver Sword
4 Copper Slaves

Ceramic Silver ingots

15-Gnolline thrope barbarians

Borat the big'un, a Haiku
Wand'rin' Goliath,
Proudly wields a shining blade,
Borat the big'un.

Backstory, a Haiku
Lived in many many caves,
Shunned by civilised folk,
Finds work to belong.

Bort is a Were-Ursa, a Haiku
Now a fur-red beast,
Madness unleashed with moon's kiss,
Champion of Rahan.


  • +2 Con bonus to non-silver weapons

Bear Form:

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
16 14 13+5 ConB 9 10 10
  • Move: 8m
  • +5 Con bonus to non-silver weapons
  • Heightened Senses (Sight +1) (Hearing +1)
  • Attacks:
    • 2x Claws attack (SB Slashing)
    • Bite attack (SB-2 Slashing) - Carries Lycanthropy
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