Legionnaire, Crimsonguard, Guardian, Enemy (Well Equipped, Broadened Education)


Created as mindless automaton
Body guard for WIZARD
Another wizard cast sentience on me
Then frenzy spell
Killed my maker
Now on the run
As a rogue warforged

9 Skill Points
1/20 Parry
1/20 Ride
1/20 Exotic: Lash + 1
by skill points gained.

Renown: 1

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
14 10 12 7 9 8 0


  • Move Speed: DB = 5m
  • Natural Armour (3):
  • Immunities: Disease, Gas, Poison, Mind Controlling magic, paralysis, all natural and magical effects that require a living body or mind.
  • Machine: No need to sleep, eat or breathe.
  • Death begets Reconstruction: when killed a Legionnaire is merely shattered and may be rebuilt. It requires 300 DoS with Magewright checsk and 10 life force and a Spark Spell to rebuild a Legionnaire.
  • Oil for Blood: Magewright is used instead of Heal on all injuries a Legionnaire receives.
  • No Heart: A Legionnaire cannot be seduced and gains Cold Hearted and Fearless.
  • Fearsome Appearance +1:
  • Implacable Features: -2 Hearing check (never sight) to Scrutiny against a Legionnaire who attempts deception.
  • Indefatigable: Legionnaires never expire from fatigue, they just continue to take it forever until they can't move or do anything. A Magewright check and a days work can remove DoS of Fatigue from a Legionnaire.
  • Legionnaire Hardpoints: equipment may be bolted to them.

Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven), Parry, War, Weapon Training (Simple, Crossbows, Light Blades, Heavy Blades, Polearms, Axes, Blunt, Shield, Exotic: Lash)


  • Ambidextrous: No penalties for using offhand, -3 in each hand when dual wielding.
  • Fearless: Immune to Shock and fear.
  • Cold Hearted: +2 to resist charm and seduction
  • Armour Training (+3):
  • Shield Training:
  • Dual Weapon Wielder (+2):

Equipment: 1815/14
- MQ Large Spiked Shield [+1 SB+2 Piercing, Offhand, Parry +4, DR 10 HP 30], Reinforced, Offensive Grip 3
- MQ Incorporated Warchain Arm [+0 SB+2 Slashing, Double Weapon (Attack Twice) Flexible, Unorthodox, Reach (2) DR 4 HP 8] 2
- Bolted Chainmail Hauberk [BAL: 2 +1 v slashing] 6
- Spiked Bolted Breastplate [B: 5] 4 When grappled the grappled takes their degrees of failure in slashing damage, to a maximum of the wearer's dexterity.
- AQ Daemon Mask Barbute F: 4 -1 per when worn, visor 1
- Cold Iron Battleaxe [-1 SB+2 Slashing, Versatile, Cold Iron DR 4 HP 10]
- MQ Equipment Harness

-Backpack 1 Large Bedroll 3 Large Wintercloak 2

H: 4
B: 10 +1 v slashing
AL: 5 +1 v slashing


0 Platinum Dragons
7 Golden Drakes
4 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves


9 Orc heads tied to saddle
1 Karganath cleric head


The Sentient Mage (Renown 12 Eladria) Sylvan, Starkeeper, Prodigy
Location: Unknown
Excoriare was woken to sentience by a Sylvan wizard lord. Excoriare was created as a mindless automaton to defend another wizard, a rival of The Sentient Mage. Instead of attacking the wizard directly the mage simply woke Excoriare to sentience and with some Tychnomancy device frenzied the now sentient Legionnaire. Having killed his erstwhile creator Excoriare went rogue and ran away. The Sentient Mage, did not realise however that the construct had escaped, assuming that it would be put down by his rivals guards and tower defenses. Now Excoriare knows the Mage is after him, because whilst Excoriare can barely remember the face of the Mage complicit in his creators murder, or who even his creator was, the right Tychnomancer could bring these to the surface and use it as evidence against the Mage. The mage is less concerned with this however, and more concerned with someone stealing his research into legionnaire sentience, locked away inside the sapience crystals of Excoriare. One day the Sentient Mage hopes to find Excoriare and remove his sapience cores entirely, less someone learn his secrets.


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