Anointed of Viella

Class Skills – Knowledge (Planes) and pick 2 of Healing or Silent Move or Hide

Demon’s Speed*
Once per day may grant yourself and your allies evasion for one round.

Healing Touch
Gain lay on hands. You may heal hitpoints equal to half character level x charisma bonus on touch per day. This functions exactly as lay on hands and may be used to destroy undead or split between targets.

Vengeance of the Daemon-Mother
When killed or knocked unconscious you may make a single standard action to attack or cast a spell.

Daemon Strength*
Once per day you may apply twice your sanctified one level as a strength bonus to your attack for one round.

Chaos Blade
Add +d8 to your sneak attack for every 2 levels of Sanctified one.

Chaos Luck*
Once per day may roll two d20s for a single die roll and pick the highest.

The 13 Commandments of the Anionted
1. You shall lie to promote your freedom.
2. You shall not kill the innocent.
3. You shall not murder.
4. You shall help the needy if such action promotes your freedom.
5. You shall honor no authority above yourself.
6. You shall break the law whenever convenient.
7. You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.
8. You shall not aid enemies of freedom or those who promote law.
9. You shall pursue pleasure.
10. You shall promote unlimited freedom for yourself.
11. You shall not refuse to heal an innocent should they be able to pay or would otherwise die
12. You shall not banish a daemon of Viella
13. You shall copulate with daemons.

The 13 Sins of the Anointed
1. Showing respect for self-discipline, authority, or institutions unless trickery is involved.
2. Failing to pursue pleasure.
3. Placing fear of the law or duty above personal desire.
4. Keeping your word to a peer when breaking your word would keep you out of danger or provide amusement.
5. Refusing to exert power over others or actively sow dissension when appropriate.
6. Following a law when opportunity for mischief, personal gain, or excitement presents itself.
7. Turning down a chance to trick, cheat, or lie to a being for personal gain or amusement.
8. Actively joining or maintaining an existing government, power structure, or other institution for reasons other than trickery, destruction, or mayhem.
9. Actively hindering change.
10. Actively inducing boredom. Aiding the forces of Law and Order.
11. Refusing to embrace daemonic favour regardless of the daemon, provided the favour would not go against the tenets of Viella.
12. Healing a cleric of Dragar
13. Surrendering

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