Mission Log

The Retrieval of the Lay-Shard

Session 6: 'Bugs' Aneth Frostwind

Around us bandits fall like flies, vastly overwhelmed by the forces arrayed against them. Davien is but a blur of movement, his blasts of fire scouring any who dare get in his way; Ivy lashes out with dark energies, melting the terrified men where they stand and I freeze them solid with blasts of ice.
As the last of the men are overcome Davien flinches. I felt it as well, a vast force pushing on the back of our minds. An endless buzzing of voices and screams. I turn and see Pug convulsing, a dark red light coming from beneath his skin as it cracked open revealing the horrible monster within.

I awake from my trance with a jolt, sweat dripping down my body despite the cool breeze. We are in the Valdenwood, ready for the small mission we have been assigned before our true goal, Cassengreca. Our employer had arrived late in the night, barely able to formulate a plan before sending us out into the forest. From what I gathered we are to find a crystal that may be corrupting an area of the forest.

We approach the site and with increased focus I notice the area is swarming with insects. From bugs the size of coins to a giant Centipede the size of a house they swarm around an area rife with magelight, a small red crystal in the bowls of a tree giving off a faint aura even from this great distance. We quickly formulate a plan and begin to attack, Davien and I sending beams of energy towards the bugs as they start to advance. We wound two of the larger stag beetle creatures before they begin to charge towards us, trees buckling as they crash through them. Before I even have time to react one of the beasts hits me like the force of a thousand punches, laying me flat on my back some 10 metres away. I look up as the creature looms over me and pushes it's pincers deep into my thigh, severing it entirely. As soon as the beast pulls out smaller ones begin to enter the fast flowing wound, digging into the flesh of my hemorrhaging leg. I am still awake as the smaller insects begin to devour my insides.

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