Brother Elias

Human, Acolyte, Priest [Light-14]

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
12 [+1] 14 [+2] 14 [+2] 13 [+1] 18 [+4] 10 [+0]

HP: 102
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma, Constitution

Proficiency [+5]
Light armour, medium armour, shields
Simple weapons
Common, Celestial, Elven, Dwarven
Insight, Religion, History, Persuasion.

Feats and Features:

  • Shelter of the Faithful: Religious people will let you stay with them and will help you as they can.
  • Priest of Light
    • Channel Divinity: Twice per Long Rest. Destroy Undead or Radiance of Dawn.
    • Warding Flare: When you or an ally are attacked by a creature within 30ft, use reaction to impose disadvantage. Use this ability times equal to Wisdom bonus (4) then regain on Long Rest.
    • Radiance of Dawn: As an action dispel magical darkness within 30ft. Enemies take Con saving throw or take 2D10+14 radiant damage, 1/2 on successful save.
    • Potent Spellcasting: Add Wisdom Bonus to damage with cantrips.
    • Divine Intervention: Call on your Deity for aid. Roll a D100, if you roll below your cleric level (14) they intervene on your behalf. If this is successful you can’t use it again for 7 days. If it fails you may attempt it again after a long rest.
  • War Caster: Advantage on Concentration and use spells as AOPS.
  • Resilient [Constitution]: Gain Saving Throws and +1 in chosen statistic.


  • Holy Symbol, Holy Book
  • +1 Breastplate (gift from Dan)
  • Priest Vestements
  • Priests' Pack
  • 15gp


Spell Attack [+8]
Spell Save DC [16]
Spell Slots 1[4] 2 [3] 3 [3] 4 [3] 5 [2] 6 [1] 7 [1]

Sacred Flame
Spare the Dying

1st Level
Cure Wounds
Detect Evil and Good
Guiding Bolt
Purify Food and Drink
Burning Hands*
Faerie Fire*

2nd Level
Continual Flame
Zone of Truth
Flaming Sphere*
Scorching Ray*
Spiritual Weapon

3rd Level
Beacon of Hope
Spirit Guardians
Create Food and Water

4th Level
Death Ward
Guardian of Faith*
Wall of Fire*
Fire Shield*

5th Level
Flame Strike*

6th Level

7th Level
Temple of Faith

P1> I’ve enjoyed fine living and rough living grates on me.
P2> I idealise a member of the Church, Barrett.
Ideal> I trust that my deity will guide my actions [Lawful Neutral]
Bond> I seek to recover a lost relic of my faith.
Flaw> My piety sometimes leads to acting blindly.
Flaw> The impure will burn in the Lord's flame.

Urchin, taken in by church. Raised as utterly loyal to Lord of Light. Joined Brilliant Circle but was slowly disheartened by how many innocents they kill in the process of doing good. Took part in many burnings and began to feel like he wasn't doing the Lord's work.

Went to Isabelle's chapel and was redeemed. Now travels with her intending to help others.

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