Orrian Vestwood

High Elf, Noble, Barbarian [5- Bear totem ,3- College of Swords , 1 Rogue ]

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
20 [+5] 16 [+3] 16 [+3] 7 [-2] 8 [-1] 13 [+1]

HP: 88
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
AC: 18 (Unarmoured Defense 10+Dex[3]+Con[3]+dinner jacket [1]+Greater Unarmoured Defence[1])
Movement: 45ft (55ft if the attack action is taken)

Feats and Features

  • Rage: +2 dmg on weapon attacks ,resistance to dmg, 3 per long rest
  • Danger Sense: Advantage on dex checks that I can see
  • Fast Movement: +10ft when not wearing heavy armor
  • Extra Attack: Attack twice as a single action.
  • Position of Priviledge: Noble stuff
  • Barbic Inspiration: 1d6 , recharge long rest
  • Blessing of the bear: Reckless boi (double carrying capacity)
  • Greater Unarmoured Defence: +1 AC
  • Expertise
  • Sneak Attack: 1D6
  • Thieves Cant
  • Mage Slayer AOO to creature casts a spell within 5ft, disadvantage on concentration, advantage on spell within 5ft

Spell Casting


  • Spell Save DC 13
  • Spell Slots
    • Level 1 - 4
    • Level 2 - 3


  • Green Flame Blade
  • Friends
  • Message
  • dancing lights

Level 1

  • Longstrider
  • Healing word
  • Unseen Servant
  • Dissonant Whispers
  • feather fall

Level 2

  • enhance ability
  • silence

Proficiencies [+4]
Languages: Common, Elven
Skills: Athleticsx2, Imtimidation, History, Perception , Persuasionx2 , Performancex2 , Deceptionx2
Tools: Hand Pipes , Dice set , Drums , Thieves tools
Armor and weapons: Light and medium armor , martial weapons

Fine Clothes
Magic daggers
Silver elven chain (+1 athletics grapple checks)
Black velvet dinner jacket (+1 ac)
Red leather riding jacket (resistance to fire damage)
Artic fox fur evening coat (resistance to cold damage)
12kgp worth of fine gems1
1 potions of healing
1 fire giant strength
1 fire breathing
Potion of water breathing
Scrolls (vampiric touch, counterspells, ray of enfeeblement, darkness)
Leather bag (40lb capacity, DC 20 dex or 1d10+5)
White weasel mask
Statue of woman eating someone (key)
Dragon/laby gold medallion (+2 persuasion, deception, intimidation, draconic and advantage talking to dragons ideal, hate killing for fame or glory and killing innocence is bad
+1 bone and silver harp
+1 dark wood shoes (+5ft movement)
+1 fine dark wood dagger (+1d6 poison)
Leaf boat
500gp platinum bracelet

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