Moon Worshipper, Ghostwise Halfling

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
11 [+0] 15 [+2] 12 [+1] 12 [+1] 19 [+4] 8 [-1]

+2 Dex, +1 Wis from Ghostwise Halfling
+1 to Wis and Dex from level 4 ability improvement

  • 2 unused ability improvements

Experience: Level 14
Wounds: —-
Saving Throws: Wis and Cha
AC: 21 (Full plate, +1 shield)
Passive Perception: (10 + Wis)
Movement: 25ft

Proficiencies: [+2]
Weapons: Simple weapons, Martial weapons
Tools: None
Armour: All
Skills: Persuasion, Religion, others
Languages: Common, Halfling

Feats and Abilities:
- Channel Divinity: Twilight Sanctuary - As an action, present holy symbol and a sphere of twilight (moon) emanates from me. Sphere centered on me, has 30ft radius and is filled with dim light. Moves with me, lasts a minute or until I'm incapacitated/die. Whenever a creature ends its turn in the sphere you can either give it 1d8 temp HP or end one effect causing it to be frightened or charmed.
- Twilight Domain:
- Proficiency with martial weapons and heavy armour
- Darkvision with no maximum range, can see in dim as if it were bright and in darkness as if it were dim
- As an action, can give this feature to any number of creatures in 10ft range for 10 mins. Can do this for a number of times = to Wis mod. Recharge on long rest.
- Vigilant Blessing: Can give one creature you can touch (including self) advantage on next initiative roll. Ends immediately after roll or if feature is used again.
- Steps of the Brave
- Advantage on saves against being frightened
- If in dim or darkness, can use a bonus action to magically give self a flying speed equal to walking speed until end of next turn.
- Divine Strike:
- On hit, deal 1d8 psychic damage
- Increases to 2d8 psychic at 14th level
Ghostwise Halfling:
- Lucky - reroll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw
- Advantage against being frightened
- Nimble - move through space of a larger creature
- Silent Speech - Can telepathically communicate to any creature one at a time within 30ft but must share a language to understand.

- Moonbeam
- The rest TBC

- Full plate
- +1 Moon Symbol
- +1 Morning (mooning) Star
- +1 Moon Shield
- Once per long rest can give disadvantage to hit on one creature or self for 1 round

Trait: I'm driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.
Ideal: Change. Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it. (Chaotic)
Bond: I will bring terrible wrath down on the evildoers who destroyed my homeland.
Flaw: I am too enamored of ale, wine, and other intoxicants.
Origin: Tribal marauder
Became an outlander because: I spent a lot of time in the wilderness as a youngster, and I came to love that way of life

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