Vorktram Ironfeet
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
20 [+5] 14 [+2] 20 [+5] 11 [+0] 12 [+1] 16 [+3]


//Dwarf Mountain, Indentured Soldier -Sergeant, Fighter - Brute //

  • Size: Medium [4'6", 164 lb]
  • Speed: 25
  • HP: 114+11+d10+5
  • Level Proficiency: +4 [Level 10].
  • Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution
  • Passive Perception: 11
  • AC: 19

Traits and Features:

  • Criminal Contact: contact to network of criminals (trustworthy and reliable). How to get messages from and to your contact is well known by you. Even over great distances, you know who to give messages to such that it reaches them.
  • Darkvision: 60ft, grayscale
  • Dwarven Resilience: Advantage and resistance for saving throws and damage by poison
  • Extra Attack: +1 at lvl5, +2 at lvl11, +3 at 20
  • Fighting Styles:
    • Tunnel Fighter: bonus action stance until your next turn, aops do not use reaction, can use reaction to hit a creature that moves more than 5ft in your reach.
    • Dueling +2 to damage rolls, whilst wielding only one one-handed weapon
  • Brute Force: +1d6 damage on weapon attacks that you have proficiency with.(lvl 16, d8, lvl 20 d10)
  • Brutish Durability: add +d6 to all saving throws, if a death save adds to 20 or above treat as natural 20.
  • Flail Mastery:
    • +1 to hit with flails
    • bonus action +2 to hit against shielded targets until end of your turn
    • AOPs mean enemy has to test Strength vs your 17 or be knocked prone
  • Sentinel:
    • aop hits, gives 0 movespeed for the rest of that turn, stops any movement.
    • Aop triggers even with disengage
    • creature within reach attacks a target (not you) you may make 1 attack using reaction.
  • Menacing:
    • +1 Charisma
    • +prof to Intimidate (double if already have)
    • When you attack, replace 1 attack with Intimidate (Charisma) vs Wisdom (Insight) on target within 30ft, that can see and hear you. target is frightened until end of your next turn, if it fails, target cannot be affected by you with this feature for 1 hour.
    • Frightened: disadvantage on checks and attack rolls whilst source of fear is within line of sight. Cant willingly move closer to fear source.
  • Brawny:
    • +1 Stength
    • Double prof athletics
    • Double carrying capacity
  • con+2
  • Stonecunning: Double proficiency for history stonework.
  • Horribly Scarred: advantage on intimidate, disadvantage on persuade (charisma)


  • Second Wind: Bonus action regain 1d10+fighter level hp (1xrest)
  • Action Surge: 1xrest, gain extra action that turn
  • Indomitable: 1x LR, reroll saving throw, must use second roll. (x2 at lvl13 x3 at lvl17)


  • Weapon Proficiency: simple, martial
  • Armour Proficiency: all, shields
  • Tool Proficiencies: Brewer's Supplies, Thieves' tools, dice
  • Languages: Common, Dwarvish,
  • Skills: Athleticsx2, Deception, Intimidationx2, Stealth

Equipment: (116/200 /400 /600) -10ft movement/ -20 and disadvantage on physical stat ability checks, attack rolls and saves.

  • Half Plate & Shield 40/6lb 17+2AC
  • Flail 2lb
  • Light Crossbow, 20bolts 5/1lb



  • 10gp
  • Bone dice
  • thieves' tools

backpack 5lb

  • bedroll 7lb
  • mess kit 1
  • tinderbox 1
  • 10 torches 10lb
  • 10rations 20lb
  • waterskin 5lb
  • 50ft rope 10lb
  • Common clothes 3lb
  • trophy
  • Leather bracer inscribed with the word "Honor"
  • 62 lbs of backpack stuff

Gold: 10


  • massive build
  • Smooth white skin
  • Cropped Black hair
  • Short Beard
  • Square face, somewhat attractive.
  • Brown eyes
  • 2 piercings on his right ear.
  • Several dwarven runes tattooed on cheeks (Criminal and sergeant)

Chaotic neutral.

Personality: I don't pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
Personality: I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
Ideal: People: I'm loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can take a trip down the Styx for all I care (neutral)
Bond: I'm trying to pay off an old debt I owe to a generous benefactor.
Flaw: My hatred of my enemies is blind an unreasoning.


  • Orphaned from a young age in Mirabar, grew up running in gangs etc. Supported in most part by the underfunded orphanage in town.
  • Gang conflict, friends injured severely, made lame etc.
  • Brutally beat to death most members of rival gang, Matron of Orphanage helped lighten his sentence to indentured military in the Underdark.
  • Just finished his military requirements, sick of Mirabar and its customs.
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