Gwendolyn Redstream
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
11 [+0] 16 [+3] 16 [+3] 20 [+5] 13 [+1] 11 [+0]


//Human, Hermit, Wizard-Theurgy-Death //

Domain: Death: Jergal Death & Knowledge (LN), Lord of the End of Everything,
Subordinate to Kelemvor god of the dead. Symbol: Human skull biting a scroll.

Gwendolyn Redstream, 26 f
Long, waved white hair shaved on the right side, 3 piercings in left ear
brown eyes
rough golden skin
oval forgettable face

  • Size: Medium [5’4", 142 lb]
  • Speed: 30
  • HP: 9+ 12x(d6+3)
  • Level Proficiency: +5 [Level 13].
  • Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom, Con
  • Passive Perception: 11
  • AC: 16

Traits and Features:

  • Discovery: Unique and powerful discovery. Work with DM
  • Resilience: +1 con and proficiency with con saving throws.
  • ** stat increase +2 Int** x2
  • Reaper: Learn 1 necromancy cantrip, 1target necro cantrips can hit a second target within 5ft of og target.
  • Inescapable Destruction: necrotic damage dealt by spells and channel divinity ignore resistance.
  • Divine Strike: +d8 necrotic damage on weapon attacks, (lvl14 = +2d8)
  • Improved Reaper: level 1-5 necro spells same as reaper, components required doubled if consumed.


  • Arcane Recovery: 1/LR when you finish short rest, you can restore expended spell slots adding to wizard level/2 rounded up. (7 total)
  • Channel Arcana: x2 SR or LR
  • Divine arcana: bonus action next spell +2DC or +2 to hit
  • Divinity: Touch of death. When you hit a creature with a melee attack, you can use channel to deal 31 (5+2xlevel)


  • Weapon Proficiency: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaff, Light Crossbow.
  • Armour Proficiency: none
  • Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit
  • Languages: Common, orcish, Infernal.
  • Skills: Arcana, Investigation, Medicine, Religion

Equipment: (/55 /110 /175) -10ft movement/ -20 and disadvantage on physical stat ability checks, attack rolls and saves.

  • dagger 1lb
  • common clothes 3lb
  • herbalism kit


  • Holy icon/focus
  • trink
  • waterskin 5lb
  • Spellbook 3lb
  • small knife 1lb

backpack 5lb

  • Bedroll 7lb
  • Winter Blanket 3lb
  • ink, pen, sand, & parchment 1lb
  • 10 Rations 20lb
  • Scroll case of notes from studies/prayer +10sheets of parchment.
  • // lbs of backpack stuff//

Gold: 5

Casting mod: +10, Save: DC 18
Spells Prepared = 18

Cantrips: 5+1 necromancy

  • Chill Touch 120ft, 3d8 necrotic, cant regain hp till end of your next turn necro
  • Toll the dead 60ft, 3d8/3d12 necrotic wisdom save. necro
  • spare the dying, touch, stabilising necro
  • Green flame blade, 2d8 to target, 2d8 +5 to creature within 5ft
  • message, 120ft, 1 action, does not require line of sight.
  • light

Level 1: 4

  • False life
  • Ray of sickness
  • Find familiar ritual
  • Mage Armour 1 action 8 hrs
  • shield +5 armour reaction.
  • Comprehend Languages ritual
  • Inflict Wounds 1 action, touch, 3d10 necro
  • Cure wounds 1 action, touch 1d8+5
  • Healing Word

Level 2: 3

  • Blindness/Deafness
  • Ray of Enfeeblement
  • warding bond touch 1 action 1 hour
  • misty step bonus action 30ft
  • spiritual weapon bonus action 1d8+5 force dam, melee spell attack.

Level 3: 3

  • Animate Dead
  • Vampiric Touch 1 action, self, conc. action melee spell attack, 3d6 necrotic, half self heal
  • Fly
  • Bestow Curse 1 action, touch, conc

Level 4: 3

  • Blight 1 act 30ft, 8d8 necr
  • Death Ward


Level 5: 2

  • Antilife Shell
  • Cloudkill
  • Enervation 60ft, action, conc, action to maintain
  • Contagion melee, 1 action not conc.

Level 6: 1

  • contingency 1500g ivory statue (not consumed)
  • forbiddance ritual
  • heal 1 action 60ft, 70hp, poison disease
  • soul cage

Level 7: 1

  • Finger of Death
  • Regenerate

Seclusion: I was partaking of communal living in accordance with the dictates of a religious order
Personality: The leader of my community had something wise to say on every topic, I am eager to share that wisdom
Personality: I often get lost in my own thoughts and contemplation, becoming oblivious to my surroundings.
Ideal: Power Solitude and contemplation are paths toward mystical or magical power.
Bond: My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil only I can destroy.
Flaw: I’d risk to much to uncover a lost bit of knowledge.

Easily holds grudges, takes things at face value, sees divine omens in everything, doesnt like change.


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