Lorenzo Vasquez
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
13 [+1] 14 [+2] 13 [+1] 13 [+1] 15 [+2] 17 [+3]


//Human, Wastrel, Rogue -1 //

  • Size: Medium [6'0", 142 lb]
  • Speed: 30
  • HP: 9
  • Level Proficiency: +2 [Level 1].
  • Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
  • Passive Perception: 12 (Wisdom [2])
  • AC: 12 (10+dexb)

Traits and Features:

  • Expertise: insight and investigation (double proficiency)
  • Sneak Attack: 1/turn can deal 1d6 bonus damage.
    • if you have advantage to hit
    • another enemy of the target is within 5ft of it and you dont have disadvantage.
  • Thieves' Cant: Can convey a hidden messages in a conversation. takes 4x length of normal conversation. also recognise signs left as markers or warnings.



  • Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords.
  • Armour Proficiency: Light Armour
  • Tool Proficiencies: Dice, Cards, Thieves tools


  • Languages: Common, Dwarvish
  • Proficient: Acrobatics, insightx2, investigationx2, performance, sleight of hand, stealth.

__Equipment: (81/65 /130 /195) -10ft movement/ -20 and disadvantage on physical stat ability checks, attack rolls and saves.

  • Shortsword 2lb
  • Dagger x2 2lb
  • Leather Armour 10lb
  • Shortbow 20 arrows 3lb


  • Thieves tools 1lb
  • Shard of obsidian that is warm to the touch.
  • Belt buckle
  • dice set
  • waterskin 5lb

backpack 5lb

  • card set -
  • ink quill & parchment -
  • fine clothes 6 lb
  • 10 Rations 20lb
  • Hammer 3lb
  • piton x10 3lb
  • rope 50ft 10lb
  • tinderbox 1lb
  • torch x5 5lb
  • crowbar 5lb
  • // 53 lbs of backpack stuff//

Gold: 15
Silver: 3

Casting mod: , Save:

Spells Prepared =

Personality: I never pass up a friendly wager
Personality: I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
Ideal: Sincerity. There's no good pretending to be something I'm not. (Neutral)
Bond: A powerful person killed someone I love, some day soon, I'll have my revenge.
Flaw: I'm always in debt. I spend my ill-gotten gains on decadent luxuries faster than I bring them in.


  • His parents were close friends to old Cob.
  • Orphaned sole-inheritor of a modestly wealthy merchant family
  • Was a bit of a rogue in his earlier years and squandered a majority of his inheritance on a wastrel's lifestyle
  • When his friend introduced him to Mildred he changed his tune
  • this hardworking seamstress caused him to change his ways and seek out a steady job.
  • After a year of courtship and 10 months of bethrothal they ended up married
  • They planned to open a small apparel and sundry store for the lower classes.
  • 6 months ago a noble took a liking to Mildred and kidnapped her.
  • ultimately she bit her tongue so as not to be dishonoured.
  • following her death Lorenzo became severely depressed
  • losing all of his remaining savings to gambling debts and drink.
  • His friend has been trying to support him and has given him a job to keep him off the streets
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