Old Cob's Oddments

Just outside the village of Greenest is a small property belonging to Old Cob, he leases the roadhouse to a kindly woman and runs the attached trinket shop himself.

Trinket Hunters
Junior Jacobs, Warforged Warrior
Brother Elias, Boisterous Flamepriest
Gwendolyn, Death Theurgist
Yama, Sumo wrestler
Dudu Mooney, Moon Worshipper



  • An urn containing the ashes of a hero
  • Archaic sheet music
  • An ancient prophecy predicting the crown will shatter and the sky will rain blood
  • A book discussing manners and etiquette, containing a four leaf clover
  • Massive Frost Giant Axe
  • Shattered shards of Fen Hall Knight's sword
  • Statuette of Asger in his final moments
  • Obsidian chess pice carved in the form of a salamander
  • A wooden flute which makes no sound when played
  • A wooden walking stick carved with elven faces
  • A cloth puppet of a dragon
  • Half of a map of a temple in a distant kingdom
  • A silver bell inscribed with the name of the daemon Baradoth
  • A tiny pyramid carved with sandstone and engraved with hieroglyphs
  • A strange coin minted in a far off land.
  • A brass ring covered in blood that won't wash off.
  • A small packet of fine pink powder.
  • A pirate flag adorned with a dragon's skull and crossbones.

Fallen Allies
Vendry- Stabbed while impersonating a forest spider.
Aemelia Jacobs- Eaten half-alive by a wandering Gnoll.
Blair Robins- Turned to stone by a Basilisk.
Asger- Aged prematurely by a curse he sought his death in battle with a wish from a Djinn.
Belias- Beheaded by a bolt of lightning striking out of a clear sky.
Fenrir- Killed by a Witch after attempting to deceive the Thieves' Guild.
Vihreä- Died after ingesting an experimental, and ultimately deadly, haste potion.
Bom Tombadil- Crushed under the weight of a dragon in the forest of Lurkwood.
Vorktram Ironfeet- Cut down and beaten after being captured in the Dessarin Valley.
Isabelle- Died battling into Hell to rescue Junior's soul.
Videl- Buffeted and bloodied by the ice magic of Levistus.

Lorenzo Vasquez- Minding the store and managing the books.
Fae- Conducting artificer experiments.
Durag Stoneheart- Returned to Mirabar to serve Bronzefury.
Bali Drakegut- Home in Mirabar with his grateful family.
Orian- Returned to Elvandar to plot against his brother.
Percival- Employed as Orian's personal appraiser after her reincarnation.
Feredir- Haunting the forests of the Western Kingdom, seeking prey.

Compiled Setting Info

House Rules and Clarifications


82 AU Old Cob introduces his children to his career as a treasure seeker when they plunder the Tomb of an Unnamed Gnome wizard. Alongside his children Junior and Aemelia is Vendry, Junior's son, and the family employees Blair and Lorenzo.
84 AU Old Cob dies from a mysterious illness. Coming to grips with his death, Junior takes ownership of the store and adjacent inn.
85 AU Taking on a job on behalf of the mayor of the town of Wine, Old Cob's children investigate missing branches from a holy tree. Finding the mayor of Greenest to be responsible takes a bloody toll on the group, with Aemelia and young Vendry both falling in the forests around Greenest.
86 AU Old Cob's children travel north with their father's old friend Asger and the Paladin Isabelle to take part in the campaign to reclaim the lands east of Neverwinter from the Goblin tribes. The group returns months later with many riches but leave Blair in a northern grave.
86 AU Answering a plea for aid from the town of Falkirk, the group unravels a web of intrigue in a town with strange cultural practices. They dismiss a daemon, plunder the depths of a lake and make a new ally in the simpleton dwarf Bali.
87 AU Early in the new year, as the depths of winter subside, the group plunder a strange and ancient tomb. Following in the steps of an ancient group of adventurers they are joined by Greg, who swears an oath of loyalty to Isabelle.
87 AU When a goblin horde pushes through the Stomehome mountains to the south the group answers the call to respond. Gathering forces and striking out against the Goblins they defend the town of Belimir's Ferry from a siege and earn the good graces of the Duke.
88 AU Following a mysterious summons from a friend of their father the group do work for the Vampire Alaric, attempting to heal him of his curse. They ultimately fail, burning down the entire village in which he dwells but earning themselves a sizeable fortune.
89 AU As Greenest implements a new and unpopular policy of sobriety Asger uses ill-gotten gold to build up the Jacob's property and formalise Junior and Fae's new family crest.
90 AU Under the employ of a Dwarven benefactor the group tracks down a list of valuable items. The first of which takes them to an auction in Leor where they uncover a vast conspiracy within the religious group known as 'The Shepherds of the Dawn'. Destroying the group and making new allies they retrieve a vial of ancient dragon's blood on behalf of their employer.
91 AU As Fey and Junior rest at Jacobs manor their employees take work with a mysterious historian, travelling by portal to a far off desert land in search of an ancient Djinn. Eager for riches they plunder a deadly desert tomb, assisting an academic in gaining the powers of a minor deity. The group gain wishes that enhance their own abilities while after being aged by a curse Asger wishes to die an honourable death in combat.
91 AU Attempting to return the dragon's blood to their benefactor the group travel to the Vale of Wellspring in the Sunset Mountains. Unfortunately they find it overrun by a treasure-hunting bandit group. With the help of their new Half-Orc ally, Vihreä, they dispatch the bandits and return the stolen relics, helping the Dwarves retake their place of worship.
92 AU A mysterious visit from a previous acquaintance, the Diviner Belias, gives the group a warning they cannot ignore. Travelling to Berdusk they are trapped beneath a magical purple dome within which time seems to travel slowly.
92 AU Still seeking items on behalf of the Dwarf Bronzefury the group travels to the High Moor, where the magical fallout of the pre-unification wars still lingers. Moving through the swamps they gather magical flora and two massive wyrms, ready to deliver to Mirabar.
92 AU Working at the behest of the Courier's Guild the group travel to the new settlement at Dragonspear. Pursued by a group of strange and menacing figures Belias is killed when a bolt of lightning splits his skull. Shadowy deals are done that involve the infamous Black Wind and the Lavender Magician, close associate of the king. After the dust settles the group have succeeded at their goal but managed to anger both parties.
93 AU The owners of Old Cob's leave Greenest, travelling north in convoy to deliver items promised to a master artificer in Mirabar. They are accompanied by a still-injured Fae and Durag, an associate of the artificer. The group makes a deal with the Bright One and assassinate the Denfather of Skarbrand but Vihreä falls after ingesting an experimental haste potion. Throughout their journey Junior is haunted by those he had betrayed, with everything from assassination attempts to deals gone sour marring the long road.
93 AU After an assassination the gates of Mirabar are closed and the group are forced to take a side route, recently outfitted by the Guild of Tinkerers and Riddlerers. They are joined by Bom Tombadil, a gnome with strange mystic powers, and an elven monk named Feredir. In the caverns under the city the group are moved by the Artificer Brighthand to halt the destruction of Mirabar by a sleeping primordial spirit as well as a nefarious plot by an Abyssal Cult.
94 AU After losing an arm at the hands of a creature of the underdark Orion takes the group into the Lurkwood Forest near Mirabar to search for an Elven Enclave led by a powerful druid. Accompanied by the dwarven warrior Vorktram Ironfeet they battle a tribe of dragonborn and an adult green dragon. Orian completes his quest at great cost. The Gnome Bom Tombadil is killed and Percival only saved by reincarnation. Junior is paralyzed by a magical card and remains in a coma despite all Fae tries to do. Orian and Percival leave for Elvandar, where Orian's mission against his brother would continue. Feredir, newly transformed into a vampire, travels to the darkest forests of the world to hunt for prey.
95 AU Her brother unconscious, Fae gathers a group to help her revive Junior and reclaim his soul. Vorktram takes on a job as the Jacob's head of security while Isabelle returns from a long absence in a last attempt to redeem Junior along with her new companion, the flame priest Brother Elias. They journey across the Dessarin valley, observing the fall of Yartar and travelling into Hell itself to return Junior's body.
97 AU Teleporting into the oceans off the Scimitar Coast, Fae, Brother Elias and Gwendolyn return from Levistus' domain with the bodies of Videl and Isabelle. His soul returned, Fae begins to construct a new warforged body for Junior.
98 AU At the behest of the Duke of Neverwinter the newly redeemed and reforged Junior leads the group north to deal with a conspiracy that besieging Neverwinter. A massive fire destroys the dock district and reveals a Great Old One beneath the city.
100 AU On New Years' Eve Elias is overcome by his new patron, Imix, and destroys the town of Greenest. The group travels to Candlekeep, where they kill the warlocks remaining there and sink the city into the waves. Finally they travel to Crydee where Doodoo returns to the moon rather than be sacrificed by the Bright One and Junior travels north to Mirabar. Bali joins him and smuggles Fae Twunior, Fae's daughter, to the safety of the dwarven halls.
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