GM Notes

Character Generation

  • Start at Level 5.
  • Roll stats or stat-buy.
  • 100gp of starting gold.
  • Wizards must take the Hermit background.
  • Dragonborn and Tiefling races are not allowed.
  • Green Flame Blade is not available to non-blade singers.

Sea Elves

  • Use the basic elf profile with the following changes.
  • +1 Wisdom.
  • Elf Weapon Training: You are proficient with long bows, short bows, long swords and short swords.
  • Natural Swimmer: Swim with your normal speed.
  • Ocean Dweller: Gain Athletics and Vehicles (Water) proficiencies.

Character Advancement

  • Characters will receive levels based on objectives.

New Characters

  • New characters are generated from the level of the lowest party member.
  • Characters must be drawn from the nearby area. For example if the ship is out at sea you must play a member of the crew. If it is at port you have more options.
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